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Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 17:15:00 +0000 (GMT)
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Subject: July 1, 1952; Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (BBU)  / Section 1
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Ruppelt version:
July 1, 1952; Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (BBU)
9:30 am. The objects moved south along the East coast and hovered near Fort Monmouth, N.J., for about 5 minutes at 50,000 feet. As radar at Fort Monmouth detected the objects, they put on a burst of speed and headed southwest toward Washington, D.C., confirmed visually. At about noon, a physics professor in Washington  reported seeing a grayish UFO hovering and  arcing back and forth across the sky. (Ruppelt, pp. 200-202.)

Document version:
July 1, 1952, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (BBU)
Section 1

At 9:20 hours on July 1, 1952, two unconventional aircraft were sighted directly over the Fort Monmouth, New Jersey area. The objects were at approximately 50,000 feet in altitude. One of the objects appeared to suspend motion for a period of 5 minutes after which it took off with a terrific burst of speed in a southeasterly direction.  The objects displayed a speed of 2 to 4 times in excess of conventional aircraft.

At 1520 hours on July 1, 1952, John Norman Meier, Military Instructor, Radar Division, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, reported the presence of 12 unconventional aircraft directly over Fort Monmouth area at an altitude of approximately 40 to 50 thousand yards. Later this estimated altitude was confirmed at 40 to 50 thousand yards. Meir stated that these 12 unconventional aircraft displayed great maneuverability, excessive high speeds and the same characteristics as the two objects reported earlier.

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