From: Brad Sparks
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 20:48:05 EST
Subject: Analysis of mon520701 / Radar Case At Fort Monmouth & Flight of B-36's

I can estimate the B-36 flight times very easily by data analysis, using the Ft Monmouth radar tracking time of what was obviously the same 9 B-36 jets and separately using the data in the 7th Bomb Wing History.  The short answer is:  Takeoff about 5 AM CDT July 1, 1952, from Carswell AFB, Ft. Worth, Texas.  Analysis is as follows:

First, the Wing History indicates the following:  Very crudely and roughly the flight was about 5,000+ miles out of Carswell AFB Ft Worth to Newfoundland and back, at 400 mph that's about 13 hours or most of a day, (the B-36's had a 10,000-mile range) but the wing history states they returned the next day July 2.  I would estimate about 14 hours flight time in actuality for some deviation to go by Montgomery (Maxwell AFB).  So the 14 hours must extend into a second day, July 2, which narrows the time limits.

The mock attack run was AFTER circling Cape St Francis Newfoundland some 2,500 miles out and then another 1,200-1,500 miles to Boston-NY-NJ which would take roughly 9-10 hours or so total from takeoff.

The 9 jets that Ft Monmouth tracked at the time of the 2 UFO's at 9:30 AM EDT fix the B-36 takeoff time.  No heading for the jets was given and these must be the OUTBOUND TRACK of the 9 (same number) Carswell B-36's jets on their way TO NEWFOUNDLAND before circling around and heading back for the mock attack run on NYC.  If the 9 jets had been heading in the same S or SW direction as the UFO's that would have been noteworthy and even suggestive of some kind of chase, but that is not mentioned, so they must have been heading out NE.  This must be about 3-4 hours after takeoff from Carswell about 1,400 miles away.  Thus the B-36 takeoff from Carswell was at about 5 AM CDT or dawn, the usual preferred takeoff time for long flights.  Return about 14 hours later would be about 0000 hours Zulu GMT on July 2 in agreement with the Wing History that return was next day July 2.

If the B-36's had been near Ft Monmouth at 9:30 AM EDT then they would have flown near Boston about 200 miles away heading NE at around 10 AM EDT but this was HOURS after 7:25-7:30 AM Boston area UFO sightings, which were of UFO's heading in the wrong direction to be the NE-heading B-36's.  The UFO's were heading S or SW.  The B-36's could not have returned on a SW heading until about 6 hours later at around 4 PM in the afternoon much too late for the morning UFO sightings.