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               Subject:                                              Possible Nuclear Connection on July 1, 1952

Date: Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 18:28:11 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <nicap@insightbb.com>

Fran Ridge:
While working on the RADCAT project I recently came across a daylight disc sighting that occurred on July 1, 1952, nr. Lexington, MA. When I entered the incident on the 1952 chrono I noticed the Fort Monmouth, NJ & Boston, NY incidents were also July 1st. Several years ago Joel Carpenter had remarked about the radar camera attack also on the same day. This is an interesting correlation and possible nuclear connection

Joel Carpenter:
"On 1 July, nine wing B-36s (5-H and 4-F) departed Carswell to take part in a high altitude formation radar camera attack on New York City. Three aircraft were from the 9th, three from the 436th, and three from the 492nd Bomb Squadron. The nine B-36s flew to the orbit area at Cape St. Francis, Newfoundland, Canada, then flew the scheduled attack on New York City. From there the bombers flew to Montgomery, Alabama, and recovered at Carswell on 2 July. Following this, the wing presented the Meritorious Achievement Award Plaque to the Outstanding Tactical and Support Units in the wing. The 9th Bomb Squadron and 7th Maintenance and Supply Group received the awards on 5 July 1952."

July 1, 1952; Boston, New York
7:25 am. Two silvery elliptical UFOs were observed visually near Boston, where an F-94 interceptor was sent up to investigate.

July 1, 1952; Lexington, MA
7:30 AM. Capt. Metcalf observed a milky white object shpaed like an "elongated oval" but "fatter than a cigar", about 100 feet in length or slightly larger than a four-engine airliner, having indistinct outlines at the rear resembling either a very short exhaust or a blurred tail section, with a narrow ridge along the top side, but without wings or any other aerodynamic features. (BB Files)

July 1, 1952; Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (BBU)
9:30 am. The objects moved south along the East coast and hovered near Fort Monmouth, N.J., for about 5 minutes at 50,000 feet. As radar at Fort Monmouth detected the objects, they put on a burst of speed and headed southwest toward Washington, D.C., confirmed visually. At about noon, a physics professor in Washington  reported seeing a grayish UFO hovering and arcing back and forth across the sky. (Ruppelt, pp. 200-202.)

Capt. Edward Ruppelt:
"Without injecting any imagination or wild assumptions, it looked as if two "somethings" had come down across Boston on a southwesterly heading, crossed Long Island, hovered for a few  minutes over the Army's secret laboratories at Fort Monmouth, then proceeded toward Washington.