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From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: July 12, 1952, Belleville, Illinois, Radar Sightings, Visual Sighting

See text from "Edwardsville Intelligencer", Illinois, July 14, 1952, page 1 below documents.

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized docs from the Blue Book site are listed below:

FM CO 798th AC&W Squadron FLYOBRPT

Blip size B-50 to B-36

TO: CO 798th AC&W Squadron

Visual observation of very large round object faster than any known aircraft

3 observers, object appeared at approx. 150 degrees

Edwardsville Intelligencer, Illinois, July 14, 1952, page 1

Meteor Startles

Local Residents

A brilliant meteor, seen by many

Edwardsville residents, streaked

across the sky about 9 o'clock Saturday

night, giving rise to reports

that the phenomenon was a "fying


But Edwin E. Friton of Webster

Groves, Mo., who is regional director

of the American Meteor society,

said the various descriptions,

he received indicated the reddish-

white meteor "undoubtedly was a


Friton said the meteor definitely

was not a shower of particles, but

a compact ball of fire with a "tail '

approximately 10 times its diameter.

Persons in the St. Louis area also

noticed the rather unusual sight,

causing hundreds of queries to

newspapers, police departments

and radio stations in the region.

Locally, there were almost as

many varying descriptions of the

object as there were people who

saw it. All seemed to agree, however,

that it traveled in a straight

line, parallel to the ground, from

the southeast to the northwest.

One local observer said it was

"going very fast, about the height

of a transport plane and made no

noise. ," Most of those who saw it

described the object as "a ball of

fire," either round or somewhat

elliptical and having a silver-like

tail. To at least one local resident,

however, the "thing" resembled

"a yardstick, blunt at both


Descriptions of the color also varied

from greenish white or bluish

white to bright white and yellow

to orange and red.

Friton, who didn't happen to see

the display, urged witnesses to

send him their description of the

object so that he might make a

more accurate "fix" on the phenomenon.

His address is 508 Marshall

avenue, Webster Groves 19,


A similarly brilliant fireball was

seen In this area and in Indiana

about 5:20 p m. Oct. 4, 1950. On

Sept. 20 of the same year, a meteor

apparently exploded overhead

at 12:40 a.m. in Southern Illinois,

jarring homes and awakening people

from their sleep. That meteor
also was of brilliant intensity.


Related information:

P-70/Z-70 - Belleville (A-4, A-S/SS)
The 798th AC&W Squadron began operations at Belleville in May 1952. The site
used AFUCPS-4 and AN/FPS-3 radars. The AN/FPS-3 remained in operation until 1963.
The site fed data to a SAGE center beginning in 1962. A variety of height-finder radars
were used at Belleville. In 1963 two ANYFPS-6 sets stood guard. Later, during the mid-
1960s this site operated with an AN/FPS-66. The 798th was deactivated in June 1968.