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From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: July 16, 1952; Hampton Roads, Virginia (BBU)
To: Fran Ridge <>


Pulaski Southwest Times
July 17, 1952
Page 1

Tidewater Virginians Scan
Night Skies After Reports
Of Flying Saucer Invasion

Tidewater Virginians can be excused for scanning the night skies
little more than usual this week after a flurry of new flying
saucer reports.
Last night, Mr. and Mrs. George Bonine of Hampton reported
spotting eight glowing, yellow-orange objects spinning at a high
rate of speed about 500 feet above
the ground near Hampton.
Pilot Sees Light
And a Southampton man, who
identified himself only as a commercial
pilot, told of seeing two
pulsating white lights zipping along
in excess of 600 miles an hour in
the vicinity of Newport News.
Meanwhile, three Norfolkians­
including a naval officer, a high
school girl and a radio agency
manager—said they had seen flying
saucers Monday night. That was
the night two Pan American pilots
flying over Norfolk said they passed
several objects in the sky.
Saw Rockets
But R. D. Tankersly, a railroad
man, poured cold water on the flying
saucer theory for Monday
night's sky show. While picnicking
at Willoughby that night, he said he
saw what appeared to be rockets
in the direction of Thimble Shoal
Light, and he pooh-poohed the idea
of saucers in the sky.
Langley Air Force Base officers
have suggested that the airline
pilots might have seen rockets or
tracers being fired at the base's
bombing and target range.