Subject: MacDill AFB case July 22 (not 24), 1952
From: Brad Sparks
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 19:34:06 -0400 (EDT),

On the MacDill AFB case in July 1952 the date was in fact July 22 and not 24 or 23, the sighting started at 10:30 PM EST on July 22 with visual sightings by the MacDill AFB Control Tower operator from 10:30 to 11:00 PM of 3 objects to the WSW then another object to the SSE from 11:30 PM on. After midnight (now the 23rd) the tower operator vectored a B-29 to investigate and there was a simultaneous radar tracking. 

The TWX reporting all this (see attached markup copy) is clearly time-stamped twice as transmitted beginning and ending at:

231500Z = July 23 at 1500Z = July 23 at 10:00 AM EST

23/1505Z JUL = July 23 at 1505Z = July 23 at 10:05 AM EST

Thus the report was transmitted electrically at 10 in the morning several hours after UFO incidents occurred.  There is no possibility of error -- the time-stamps are machine-generated and not subject to human error.  The report contents are human-generated and contain a typo or error in stating the sighting occurred "ON 23 JUL 52 AT APPROX 2230 EST."  This is the only place in the original report giving a date and simply is wrong and should have said "ON 22 JUL 52."  Otherwise you have to have time machines to transmit a report of an event 12 or more hours before the event occurred!

You should also note that the Summer 1952 MacDill case in the UFO Evidence is apparently the same event and here thus is the missing BB documentation for it (one of my colleagues uncovered this and the NUFORC report).  Also you should include the NUFORC report which has a lot of important additional data (albeit with time errors) which was made to Davenport in 1998 apparently but not posted until 2003.