Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 10:11:36 +0100 (BST)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: July 25, 1952, Osceola,  Wisconsin; Ground Radar and Air Visual Combined Sightings
Cat: 9

The following image is a resized Project Blue Book document below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized doc from the Blue Book site is listed below:

P-3512-35 - East Farmington, Osceola (A-2, A-S/SS)
The 674th AC&W Squadron began operating a pair of AN/CPS-6B radars from this
site in December 1951. These radars were retired at the end of the decade as an AN/F'PS-
7 and two AN/FPS-GA height-finder radars were installed during 1959. Also during 1959,
Osceola joined the SAGE system. The pair of height-finder radars were replaced by
AN/FPS-90 sets in 1963. The 674th was deactivated in March 1975.