Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 12:55:51 +0000
From: daniel wilson <daniejon2000@YAHOO.CO.UK>
Subject: Attempted Intercept - Los Alamos, NM; July 29, 1952 (BBU)
To: Francis Ridge

July 29, 1952; Los Alamos, New Mexico, (BBU)
10 a.m. Several Los Alamos Scientific Lab and other witnesses saw white object moving E to W, about 1.8°/sec angular velocity, with gyrating or fluttering motion. Two jet interceptors from Kirtland AFB arrived about 5 mins later chasing object W to E, all 3 leaving contrails. At 10:57 a.m. light-brown egg­shaped object with wings was sighted hovering then shot off to the NW disappearing in 3 secs. 30 secs. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 61-64)

has BB docs MISC-PBB1-512-513 and MISC-PBB1-521-532

this page has MISC-PBB1-507-535

MISC-PBB1 507-535 (Not including blank pages 515,516,524) 
This page speaks of jets being directed towards the object.  "With the aid of our Communications Section and aircraft controller, who were in contact with the jets, I was able to direct the jets in the approximate direction of the object.   When a vapor trail appeared to be within approximately eight miles, the object disappeared from my sight."
At the time of sighting there was a few small scattered clouds and the wind  velocity was low. Five minutes later, jets appeared from Kirtland Air Force Base."
Fighters In the Los Alamos area vere diverted to the area of the sighting and visually vectored toward the object.   The object disappeared but reappeared in front of the fighters