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Subject: July 29, 1952; Great Falls AFB, Montana / Cover-Up, Saucers, Plan 62, 50 Witnesses, (and later a Movie Film of UFOs).

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

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July 29, 1952; Great Falls AFB, Montana 
An attempt of a cover-up seems to have been made here. Sgt. Boden at Great Falls AFB, Mont., heard a transmission from McChord AFB, Seattle, Washington of 'flying saucers' hovering there and that the saucers were headed towards Great Falls AFB, Montana. The transmission was over Plan 62 Voice Circuit (remember this from the Mantell case?) [ squawk box or Long Horn] Several people heard this transmission which was cut off right after 'flying saucers' was mentioned. Later McChord AFB denied making such a transmission. There were about 50 witnesses to this event.
A separate sighting was made at Ennis, Montana, by 12 or more civilians. Movie film was taken here of an incredible sighting--objects forming clouds around themselves--smaller discs coming out of the cloud etc. See twenty-seven (27) Blue Book documents below. Newspaper article included-- transcript below.

Incident began at around 1540 hours MST, July 29, 1952
USAF personnel, alerted that UFO's were coming from the direction of Seattle, saw 4 flat disc-shaped objects, one hovered 3-4 mins, while the others circled it. The stationary object then flew southeast and the other three objects flew due west and disappeared. The speed of the objects was estimated at over 1,000 mph. Other objects were seen near Great Falls, Montana, up until about 1630 hours.
The USAF personnel that witnessed the UFOs were at the Great Falls Air Force Base, Montana. First notification of the flying objects was heard from the Seattle, Washington area ( presumably McChord AFB) over the Plan 62 Voice Circuit of the Transport Control Center, Great Falls AFB. The transmission was cut off suddenly, immediately after the statement regarding 'flying saucers' was made. This transmission was heard by a number of individuals.
S/Sgt Charles Boden, 1701st Traffic Squadron, Great Falls AFB, sighted the objects immediately after this Plan 62 transmission. and called CAA Tower, Gore Field, Great Falls, Montana, who in turn notified a local newspaper, the Great Falls Tribune. A reporter from the Great Falls Tribune contacted S/Sgt Boden, who inadvertently gave the reporter information regarding unidentified flying objects and Plan 62 transmission from the Seattle, Washington area, upon which the release in the Great Falls Tribune was based on. At approximately 2200 hours MST S/Sgt Boden received a call from an individual who identified himself as PIO Officer,McChord AFB, who denied any transmission or reception of any statement regarding 'flying saucers'. The UFOs were seen by an estimated 50 persons including officers, airmen, and civilians.
Walla Walla Newsclipping
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Charles E. Boden's Statement
Charles E. Boden's Statement
Clarence B. Stot__bury's Statement 
Mrs. Margaret Evans' Statement
Capt. Roy J. Jackson's Statement
Maj. John J. LeGrand's Statement
1st Lt. John MacGill's Statement
Major Raymond L. Kolman's Statement
S/Sgt Donald M. Manchester's Statement
A/2C Harold Burnett's Statement
A/3C William Cole's Statement
Charles Books' Statement
Mrs. Anna ??? 's Statement
Virginia's Palbon's Statement
Mrs. Anne L. Macgill's Statement
SUBJECT: Unidentified Flying Objects
Four (4) unidentified flying objects were sighted over Great Falls AFB
Object sighted over Great Falls, Montana
List of observers
Major Ben Shaffer, Ennis, Montana, sighting
Project Blue Book Master Index, 29 JULY 1952 SIGHTINGS