Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 18:04:08 -0500
From: Brad Sparks
Subject: July 29, 1952; Ennis,  Montana (BBU 1747): IMCAT

The problem with Footnote is that they tried to shove all scanned pages into cases by date (but only by MONTH) and location, but many pages were barely legible, so those just got shoved in wherever.

It turns out that many (maybe all) of this Great Falls/Ennis, Mont., case were shoved into the 229 pages for Albuquerque July 1952 along with several other cases from Hawaii, Napa, Calif., Otis AFB, Mass., etc.

As for what happened to Ben Shaffer's films:

Teletype from Project BB Lt. Anderson G. Flues to 29th Air Division ADC, Great Falls, Montana, on Sept 8, 1952, 1630Z (12:30 pm EDT) said:

"Returning Kodachrome movie film concerning your FLYOBRPT [UFO report] of 29 July 52 belong to Mr. [Ben Shaffer, Great Falls, Mont.] today. Films impossible to analyze properly.  In reply cite Project Blue Book."

But we do have Shaffer's excellent hand drawing of what the objects and clouds looked like:

Shaffer has TWO VERSIONS of his statement, one that mentions his work for Z Division of Los Alamos labs (Z Div became Sandia Labs) and the other that just says Sandia Base, etc.

I strongly urge that EACH PAGE of the BB Archives version be matched to EACH PAGE of the Footnote version so we can see what is missing and also READ the text better.

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This is an astonishing report.
What happened to the films?