Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2013 06:57:35 -0500
From: fran ridge <>
Subject: Aug. 1, 1952; Near Yaak, Montana.

A printout below from the 1952 UFO Chronology shows what was reported for August 1, 1952. The sighting listing (NARA-PBB1-72) lists more but doesn't mention Ruppelt's case, however it does list the radar, near Troy, Ohio (Bellefontaine) case.

Aug. 1, 1952; Lancaster, Calif. (BBU 1771)
1:14 a.m. Sheriff's deputies and others, one named Mallette, saw 2 brilliant red lights hovering and maneuvering. 5 mins. (Berliner)

Aug. 1, 1952; Vincennes, Indiana
10:38 a.m. Three miles south of the town, on a farm, three men were painting a farrowing barn. There was a jet-like roar. All the witnesses (one later was to become a Catholic priest) agreed it was a flying saucer that stopped in mid-air and began to lower itself toward the ground like a helicopter. Then it stopped, remained there for 20-seconds, ascended to original height and went west, then east, then west, each time making a loud sonic boom, and swept toward the southwest with extreme speed. (UFO Filter Center files).

Aug. 1, 1952; Near Yaak, Montana.
Air Defense Command radar just before dawn tracked an unidentified object, sighted visually as a dark, cigar-shaped object. (Ruppelt, p. 256.)

Aug. 1, 1952; Near Troy [radar at Bellefontaine], Ohio (BBU) [CCL Item # 20]
10:51-11:13 a.m. (EST). USAF ADC radar site 664th AC&W Sq at Bellefontaine atop Campbell Hill at 1549 ft elevation (4022'20" N, 8343'10" W). tracked target 20 miles NNW of Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, traveling 400-450 knots (500 mph) on a heading of 240 about WSW and vectored 2 F-86's piloted by Major James B. Smith and Lt. Donald J. Hemer, located 10 miles SW of the UFO. Jets made visual contact in 4 mins at 10:55, climbed to 48,000 ft, fell off, climbed again to 48,000 ft and Smith got a weak return on his radar gun sight, shot gun camera film of the 24-40 ft white round object or silver-colored sphere or disc estimated at 60,00070,000 ft and filmed by gun camera a white round object [which then took off at high speed ?]. F-86s broke off intercept at about 11:05 or 11:13 a.m., apparently about 100 miles WSW of Dayton. Film reportedly shows UFO image in the upper right of the frames with noticeable motion to the lower left. 22 mins. (BB Rpt 8; cf. Ruppelt pp. 174-6; Keyhoe 1953 p. 107)

Aug. 1, 1952; Sharonville, Ohio
Brilliant white disc observed at low altitude. Others reported oval object. [UFOE, XII]

Aug. 1, 1952; Albuquerque, N.M.
At 9:50 p.m. a Scripps-Howard  reporter saw a cluster of glowing white objects overhead. The objects shifted around into various patterns, including a perfect V at one point. Their shifts in position were incredibly swift and fantastically violent, he said. "They made  a  flying  saucer  believer  out of me." (New  York World-Telegram, Aug. 2, 1952.)