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From: Richard Vitello <>
Subject: Aug. 5, 1952; Bt. Lima & Huacho, Peru / Air Intelligence Information Report

AF form space 112-PART II
                        Air Intelligence Information Report
Air Attache, Lima,Peru          IR-31-52

Following is a literal translation of sighting of flying saucers as reported in La Pranga: 6 August space 1952:

                "A formation of the three "Flying Disks" maneuvering at great speed in the air route between Lima and Huacho at 3000 foot altitude was seen yesterday morning at 5:13 AM by the crew of a Paigra plane traveling to Gunyaqull.
The same phenomenon of XXXX strange objects, which have aroused different opinion and controversies, was observed at the same hour, 5:13 AM, at Punta de XXXX, near XXX, by the Metocrolory Service which the Peruvian Corporation of airports has installed in that location.

The pilot of the DC-3, Capt. Ray Sullivan, sent a radio message to Lima airport stating that the crew, " " by the Captain, Copilot Bendixer and Purser Jorge Piasevich, after 20 minutes of flight noted the presence of three strange luminous objects which were flying in correct formation and that great speed around the DC-3, staring Southeast of the Panagra plane, and which later became lost space.

Benjamin Holt, an official of Panagra received Capt. Sullivan's message, stated that the aforementioned Capt. is one of Panagra's most experienced pilots and had a record of 9,500 hours on the Lima-Guayaguil XXXX-XXXXXX route.

The presence of this formation of three "flying disks" in the skies of the Peruvian coast, once again manifests the appearance of these strange objects which have been observed in different parts of the Republic XXXXX XXXXX.  This is the first time that the "flying disks" have been observed in formation in the Peruvian sky.

The information given by the crew members of the Panagra DC-3 coincides with the information received by Victor at Carrilto XXXX which was published yesterday.  MS.  Cruz stated that he had seen a flying disk in the sky over Lima near Avenisia Iqultos.

"CALI, Golaida, 5 (UP).  XXXXX pilot Ray Sullivan, who arrived here today from Lima, stated that he saw XXXX "Flying disks" at XXX, XXXXXXX 11 minutes after taking off from XXXXXXX Airport.

"Sullivan stated that he and copilot Pontinan observed during 15 or 20 seconds three objects which were traveling from northwest to southeast, in a "XX" formation, intensely illuminated like a white light alternating with a reddish-blue color.

"Sullivan believes the objects were traveling at approximately 150?  Kilometers per hour.  They pass that a distance of about 2 km from the plank which was flying at 5500 feet altitude.

"Sullivan described the object, which should have passed directly over Lima, as disks of 200 feet diameter with tails.

COUNTRY                 REPORT TO               
        PERU                            IB-31-52

                                AIR INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION REPORT             

Report of  Unidentified Flying Objects

AREA REPORTED ON                                

        PERU                                    Air Attache, Lima, Peru


21 August 1952          6 August 1952                           B-2

Lt. Col. Ralph I Brown, Air Attache             Lima press

IR-30-52, 21 Aug

On 5 August 1952 a Panagra pilot, Capt. Ray SULLIVAN, reported a formation of three (3) "Flying Disks" over the air route between Lima and Huacho (about 30 miles north of Lima) at an altitude of approximately 3000 feet.  The time of the sighting was 5:13 AM EST, coinciding with a sighting of similar phenomena near the town of Chala.

                this account appears to be more authentic than the one reported on for August (see IR-30-52).  However, the fact that similar sighting was reported at the same time is believed to be a mere coincidence since Chala is approximately 300 miles south of Lima.  This sighting, together with the 4 August sighting, culminates suitable interest shown by the local press in "flying saucers", and interest which has intensified since 17 July, paralleling similar publicity in the States.

                                                        RALPH L.  BROWN 
                                                        Lt Col., US AF
                                                        Air Attache