Date: April 15, 2014
From: Brad Sparks
Subject: Sept. 2, 1952 Corrected to Aug. 26-27; Delft, Netherlands
To: "fran ridge" <>

The date of the alleged incident is discrepant and appears to be Aug 26 (Tues) or 28 (Thurs), 1952, 
rather than Sept 2 or Aug 5.  

Dr. H. ten Kate's letter to radio engineer Nyhof on Monday, Sept 1, 1952, states that the incident took 
place last Thursday, i.e., Aug 28, 1952.  The translated Dutch newspaper article in the BB file states it
was a Tuesday (presumably Aug 26). 

The duration was stated to be 10-15 seconds and the object fast moving, so fast that Nyhof had no
time to look through the viewfinder.  But that leaves almost 20 minutes unaccounted for, from 4:15 to
4:35 PM (CEST).  Nyhof states that he took a picture of an instrument at 4:15 then suddenly saw the
bright silver light moving at tremendous speed from the right or South, which presumably would have
occurred at 4:15-4:16.  So what happened from 4:16 to 4:35 ? 

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, H. ten Cate, determined that the round white object
in the second photo was 9 degrees in diameter but that there was a middle part of the disk that was
3 degrees in diameter that Nyhof supposedly only saw.  

Indeed, contrast enhancement reveals a faint 3-degree region in the center.  In the very center there is
a dark irregular region about 1 degree in diameter. 

The upper-right rim of the 9-deg object is very sharp edged, but the rest of the rim is fuzzy and seems
to be made fuzzy by an irregular cloud (or steam?) that appears over much of the photo.