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From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Panama Canal Zone, November 25, 1952, OSI FLYOBRPT
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To: Francis Ridge <>

Panama Canal Zone, November 25, 1952,
OSI FLYOBRPT, Caribbean Command

Sky Objects Mystify Canal Zone
Washington Post, December 21, 1952, article by Drew Pearson

On November 25, 1952, two objects traveling at an estimated speed of 275 MPH were detected by radar attached to antiaircraft guns. The objects remained over the Canal Zone for 5 1/2 hours. Three Air Force bombers and a Navy patrol plane were sent up but were unable to catch the elusive objects. Time: 6:06 P.M. to 11:47 P.M. Maneuvering from 1000 feet to 28,000 feet in altitude

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Article: Sky Objects Mystify Canal Zone
Drew Pearson column carried report. of 2 flying saucers over CZ