Form: 97
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 09:07:47 -0600
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: UFO Over Hanford AEC Plant Causes Scramble Of F-94 , Dec. 10, 1952
Cat: 9/11
Distribution: NCP

The following pdf file contains the resized Project Blue Book document below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.


A brief description from a SECRET Air Force report above confirms Keyhoe's report but the date was incorrect. It was Dec. 10, 1952 instead of July 30, 1950.

Maj. Donald Keyhoe:
One ... case, classified Secret, was buried for years in AF Project Report Number 10. The action occurred on a wintry night as an F-94 interceptor, with two AF pilots aboard, was cruising above the atomic energy station at Hanford, Washington. The jet was at 26,000 feet when the gun sight radar suddenly picked up an unknown object approaching at high speed. Then a red glow appeared ahead, outlining a disc- shaped machine larger than any known aircraft. As the UFO raced toward the jet the pilot at the controls hastily banked to avoid a collision. The flying disc swiftly reversed direction, heading back toward the F-94. Believing it was an attack, the pilot hurriedly prepared to fire. But at the last moment the UFO whipped to one side. Again and again, the disc flashed back toward the interceptor. Each time, the senior pilot started to fire, but the UFO dived or shot away at fantastic speed. For fifteen minutes, the flying disc kept up this grim cat-and-mouse game. Then it came to an abrupt stop, flashed a red light twice, and streaked off into the night. (Source: Donald Keyhoe, "Aliens From Space", page 4)