RV Near Hanford AEC Plant
Washington State
December 10, 1952

Captain Edward J. Ruppelt:
On the night of December 10, 1952, near another atomic installation. the Hanford plant in Washington, the pilot and radar observer of a patrolling F-94 spotted a light while flying at 26,000 feet. The crew called their ground control station and were told that no planes were known to be in the area. They closed on the object and saw a large, round, white "thing" with a dim reddish light corning from two "windows." They lost visual contact but got a radar lock-on. They reported that when they attempted to close on it again it would reverse direction and dive away. Several times the plane altered course itself because collision seemed imminent. 

In each of these instances, as well as in the case narrated next, the sources of the stories were trained airmen with excellent reputations. They were sincerely baffled by what they had seen. They had no conceivable motive for falsifying or "dressing up" their reports. (Ruppelt, 43)

Dec. 10, 1952; Odessa-Hanford, Wash. (BBU)
7:15-7:30 p.m. (PST). F-94 crew spotted a light while flying at 26,000-27,000 ft and approached to identify it. Object appeared large, round and white with reddish light coming from two "windows," came at F-94 on collision course, F-94 banked to avoid impact, radar contact and/or lockon made multiple times on airborne ARC-33 radar. 15 mins. (Ruppelt p. 43; NARCAP)