Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 07:12:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Re: lead 530523 Cape S. Africa/ Aime Michel


Before leaving Africa, the scene of so many saucer appearances, we will refer to one other report, which I have selected from a considerable number. It is laconic, but notable for the fact that it comes from a particularly trustworthy source.

On November 27th, 1953, press agencies circulated the following telegram from the Gape:

"Headquarters of the South African Air Force announce that on May 23rd, 1953, radar operators picked up an unknown object which passed over the Cape six times at a speed definitely exceeding 1,250 miles an hour. Each time it passed it was within radar range, for sixteen seconds at distances varying from 35,000 to 50,000 feet, and altitudes between 5,000 and 17,000 feet."

It should be noted that this statement was issued more than six months after the sighting, The intervening period was taken up by the investigation. It should also be noted that no natural explana­tion was offered by the authorities. There is no suggestion that what was seen above the Cape was some creation of playful radar, or a refracted or reflected image, or a sounding balloon, or Venus, or any­thing of the kind. It was simply "an unknown object," which passed overhead six times in succession.

The communique gives no further information. Nothing is said about the atmospheric conditions, or the dimensions, or the angular speeds of the object. We have to be content, with the result of the calculations based upon these data. In the preceding cases the reader has been able to make for himself such deductions as are warranted by the evidence, and thus gain insight into the methods usually adopted in such investigations.