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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 05:33:46 +0100 (BST)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Ramore, Ontario, Pinetree Line Radar Site, UFO Sighting, June 30, 1953
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June 30, 1953; Ramore, Ontario, Canada; Pinetreeline Radar Site.
2345 hours. An unidentified flying object was observed for, a period of twenty minutes in the northern sky moving to the southeast by at least 10 personnel of the 912th AC&W Squadron. The first person to observe this object was an airman who came out of the maintenance room to inspect the power unit which caused a minor breakdown of the search radar set. He called two other airmen to witness the object. One of the two thought the object was the moon.  The airman who originally observed the object got hysterical and called the Charge of Quarters at the Domestic Area three miles to the southwest.  At least seven witnesses at the Domestic Area saw the object and two of them reported that the moon was visible at the time and that the object was distinct and separate from the moon. The object was described as orange-colored and oval shaped. It was described as moving from the north to southeast and then fading back to the north. No great speed was attributed to the object by any of the witnesses who said they saw movement.  It was reported that the object had no visible means of propulsion and
that there was no similarity to any known flying object.

Brad Sparks;
Object was the moon.

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                Below is an email reply I received from John De Kleine, once a radar operator at the Ramore Radar site (Pinetree Line site north of North Bay) in 1953. I had contacted Mr. De Kleine to see if he knew anything about a UFO sighting that took place on June 30, 1953, right at the Ramore Radar Site, where nine different witnesses saw the object, a power outage also occurred. This report is from the Project Blue Book Files. The reply is surprising.

John De Kleine <> wrote:
Hi Daniel,
I didn't arrive at the site until August of 1953, so I wasn't involved with that sighting.  But in the fall of 1953 (I don't remember exactly when) we did have a UFO sighting.
The UFO was picked up originally at the site just north of us (I believe it was Kapuskasing) traveling at a high rate of speed.
We picked it up and tracked it into our ground clutter, went outside and saw a bright shiny object pass over the base and continue southWe did request a scramble out of North Bay and 2 CF-100's were dispatched to ID it.  On our radar, it traveled south until it was out of range and the fighters never caught up with it.  To my knowledge a report was never filed as no one wanted to do all the paperwork and be called "nuts" for seeing a UFO.  However radar records from the bases and the call in of the tracking to Falconbridge from both Kapuskasing and Ramore might substantiate the sighting. Also, I would imagine there would be a record of the scramble from North Bay.
Hope that helps some..................John.
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Subject: Ramore June 1953

Mr. John De Kleine,
   Found your name and email address at the
web site. In doing reseach on the Cold War and UFOs, I have come across a USAF Project Blue Book report of an unidentified flying object seen at Ramore radar site on June 30, 1953 at 2345 EDST, by nine seperate witnesses. According to the report the radar went down during the sighting of the UFO. CWO Harold. E. Solberg took the statements of the witnesses.    Would you have any memory of this incident? Some of the witnesses said the object they saw was the moon but other witnesses said they saw the moon and the UFO in different parts of the sky at the same time.                
                                             Thanks for listening,
                                             Daniel Wilson
                                             Painesville, Ohio