Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 14:39:37 -0400
From: Dan Wilson
Subject: Re: Oct. 16, 1953; Presque Isle, Maine (BBU)

The following pdf file contains all 8 documents:

The links below are to the original docs:     1 RECORD CARD     2 Shape similar to conventional aircraft target on PPI scope.     3  Limestone AFB, Maine, GCA Station     4 F-89  Serial No 51-5777     6  JOINT MESSAGEFORM     7  AIR INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION  REPORT F3G-T-14A /  (AIIR)    8   Limestone AFB alerted Presque Isle AFB in effort to confirm observation of
                                                                        UFOs on LAFB PPI scope. Presque Isle AFB GCA went into operation and
                                                                        objects were located and observed. F-89 scrambled.     9  PPI  RADAR SCOPE