Date: Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 8:57 AM
From:  daniel wilson <
Subject: Feb. 4, 1954; Carswell AFB, Ft. Worth, Texas (BBU)

The following pdf file contains all of the 64 resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized docs from the site are listed below:  1 PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD  2 GCA operator notified control tower  3 Two targets merged into one  4 Sudden reversal of course  5 Object first detected by GCA at 11:00 p.m.  6 Large or larger than B-36  7 ELECTRONICS DATA SHEET  9 Larger than B-36 return  10 Visual sighting at approx. same time as
                                                                  radar contact  11 Watched target on scope for 15-20 mins.  13 Saw object for 15 minutes  15 Wings had no engines showing  17 Approx 3000 to 4000 feet  18 Craft flew a straight line across Carswell  19 He has worked in tower approx 5 years  20 Position of the object  22 4000 feet away confirmed by GCA  24 Not like any aircraft he had seen before  27 No sound what so ever from the object  30 Object passed overhead  32 Show how high the object was  33 Control tower technician  34 USAF Technical Information Sheet  35 On duty in control tower  38 longest dimension 225 feet  40 Position of the object  42 Speed of object 240-250 mph  43 USAF Technical Information Sheet  45 Brighter than background of the sky  47 Basketball at arm's length
  52 USAF Technical Information Sheet  53 Both visual and radar  54 List of people who saw UFOB  55 Was first to see object
  63 One blip reversed course without making a
                                                                 visible turn
Dan's notes

First detected by Carswell AFB GCA at 2300
ground radar
Carswell Weather called and said he had the object sighted on radar at approx. same time and location. (10)

one inch long by 1/4 inch wide on 10 mile scope (9)

63 One blip reversed course without making a visible turn

15 Wings had no engines showing
Sharply outlined

Object first detected by GCA at 11:00 p.m. (5)
object under surveillance with standard binoculars during entire observation.

The object was described as larger than a B-36, having
a long fuselage, elliptical wings and stabilizer, gray in color and no visible means of
propulsion or exhaust. Nor did the object leave any trail and no sound was heard.