Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2015 08:53:49 -0800
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Re: Talbott sighting
To: frans ridge <>

We owe any reference to the alleged Sec Talbott sighting to Don Keyhoe. He claimed that he got some insider information on it in 1954, shortly after the event. Sec. Talbott denied ever having a sighting and there is no Blue Book mention of it.

The alleged date of the sighting is March 24, 1954. The alleged description of the encounter is: Talbott is in a plane flying over California on his way to Palm Springs. When over Fresno, he and several others on the plane purportedly saw a large metal object following their plane about 1000 yards below and behind. The pilot was ordered to turn around, but the UFO outmaneuvered them and raced off.

Keyhoe claimed this to be true in some kind of media event [ I think it was first stated on Frank Edwards' radio show ] in May. That's what caused the USAF public denial. Edwards then told Len Stringfield, who mentioned the claim in his CRIFO Newsletter. Stringfield claimed that Edwards told him that Keyhoe had "signed documented evidence of the occurrence" which included "flight time and all pertinent data." {{ since none of that ever came out, one is forced to at least worry about the accuracy of that statement --- and we know that Edwards was notorious for exaggeration.}}

The most intriguing  thing to me about this [and nearly the only one given the vagueness of the "documented" support], is that there [apparently] exists [heck, I might even HAVE it in the Ruppelt collection --- but Ed didn't save many of his own outgoing letters] a letter from Ruppelt to Keyhoe vaguely mentioning giving Keyhoe a "tip" about this, but that further exploration on Ruppelt's part went nowhere.

All of that is  interesting, despite that we can't make a very strong claim about the case giving that mere "teaser". Ruppelt had just finished his UFO-friendly TRUE article, and was into writing his first version book, so he was UFO-positive at the time, and his relationship with the Pentagon, through an old friend [a Major White, who took over from Chop, I believe], was good to the point that he could ask questions of White and get some feedback. But all of this is "breadcrumbs", and I for one will not make much out of it. The gruel is too thin for me, and there are so many other Heavy Thunder cases in the files that I choose to put all this other stuff off to the side as "maybe, who knows?"

This information is in Loren Gross' Jan/May history monograph.