Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 18:27:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Re: Photo of object below a/c; Richmond, IN, May 24, 1954
To: A-Team

What I'm sending tells the analysis story as McDonald battled with it. Here is what they are: all are from the McDonald files at Arizona. IMG1 is the first page of a letter to David Saunders. In it Mac says that he already sees that the sub-sun hypothesis is unlikely. [Sept. 1968].

The next document [IMG_0001] is the first page of a letter to Richard Olson [Mac's contact with Representative Udall]. In it he says that the key to the possibility or not of a sub-sun is the exact time of the photograph. [Oct. 3,1968].

The third document [IMG_0002] is the first page of a letter to the pilot who photographed the thing [Lt. Col. L.N. Brubaker] wherein he reveals that this sort of analysis has never been undertaken in the literature and he is thrashing it out using first principles. The importance of this is that this case can not be commented upon using simple "standard" referents. One must use a whole variety of specifics unique to the case. [Oct. 3, 1968].

Item four [IMG_0003] is the first page of a letter to McDonald from Col. Brubaker in which Mac receives the key missing data piece which allows him to make his analysis--the exact time. [Nov.26, 1968].

The last item [IMG_0004] is the second page of a letter from Mac to his Naval Research buddy, James Hughes, wherein he says that now that he has the data the "time will not support the sundog hypothesis". [Dec. 20, 1968]. Hopefully this will make the case report fuller and ultimately more accurate.  mike