From: "Jan Aldrich" <>
Subject: Re: Walesville
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 20:48:13 -0500

Comments on Walesville.

1.  Kevin Randle wrote a debunking article in IUR on the Walesville case. I dessent from his conclusion.

2.  The Condon Committee was given data on Walesville and the 1953 Lake Michigan crash, but when they asked the AF accident agency for material, they only got one paragraph summaries.   Low and Craig just whined about non-co-operation, but did not take this up with Col. Hippler who might have broken the accident reports loose for them.

3.  Despite Stan Friedman's and his protege Frank Feschino's contentions it is not possible to find reports on aircraft loss in the 1940s and 1950. The Walesville incident is among these in the AF HQ Operations Top Secret files.  I obtained the Walesville report.  It is obvious, to me at least, but maybe I am an idiot UFO conspiracy theorist, that the report is obfuscated.  The report says that the aircraft was on a training mission when it was diverted to an active Air Defense mission, however, there are no documents to indicate what the active mission was.  Also, the narrative said that the crew ejected when the fire warning light came on, it said that no heat or smoke was felt or detected.  In other cases, pilots try to make sure that aircraft will clear populated areas before they eject.  This portion of the narrative seems strange....the pilot was not faulted and the report said he followed proper procedures then in effect, but that the warning light was defective.

4.  Obviously, this case has taken on a lot of exaggerated detail.  Nowhere in the original reports in Keyhoe, the newspapers and elsewhere did the crew say that plastic on the aircraft started to melt....this is a sensation detail added long after.  Keyhoe's version said the crew felt unbearable heat.  There are two other incident in which pilots reported heat from UFOs during an aerial encounter.  1953 in Peu, France....I take this one with a grain of salt.  The writer set traps in his book for people <>who lifted his material.  In other words, he made up material to see if anyone would copy it without crediting French colleagues can't find any independent information of this case.  The other case is from Uruguay in 1958 and is summarized in UFO Evidence I.  The case was well investigated by reliable ufologists in that country.