Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 21:31:42 +0100 (BST)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject:  Salandan Case

Dan Wilson:
Oct. 4 ?, 1954;
4:15 p.m. + Flight Lieutenant J.R. Salandin took off in a Royal Air Force Meteor jet fighter from North Weald in Essex. Lieutenant Salandin started climbing towards two other aircraft that were high above him. Suddenly he could see two small objects pass near the other two aircraft. Salandin began wondering if he was hallucinating when he received one of the biggest frights he has ever had. Streaking straight towards him at tremendous speed was a disc-shaped object. The object came so close that it overlapped his windscreen. A collision seemed certain, but just then the object flipped to one side and streaked past Salandin's port side. Salandin was so badly shaken by the close call that he had to fly around for ten minutes before he could tell Central Control what had happened.

In another account of this incident the UFO was described as being huge in size.

Before this, Salandin had never given serious thought about flying saucers. "All that he knows is that he saw something very real up there over Essex on that October afternoon ­and that it gave him a hell of a fight. The fact that the account of this encounter was published in the Royal Air Force Flying Review magazine denotes the importance of this event. The fact that it took three years before the story was printed (in the July 1957 issue), displays reluctance of the RAF to admit that these type of occurrences do happen. Could there be an underlying reason as to why it took three years for this story to appear? Let us see what happened.
The very same day as Lieutenant Salandin's near collision with the flying disc (October 4, 1954) three jet fighter pilots were killed at Manston, England, in a midair collision of a United States Sabrejet (F-86) and a British Royal Air Force Meteor night fighter.  Manston is approximately 60 miles southeast of North Weald, the location where the flying disc and the two smaller objects were sighted.It is important to note that it was a Meteor jet that the disc-shaped UFO almost collided with, and it was also a Meteor jet that was reported to have been in a midair collision with an F-86 over Manston. It is the same old story, UFOs being sighted and a reported midair collision of fighter planes in the same area on the same day.