Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 22:53:48 -0500
From:  "Diggs, Williiam E." <>
Subject: March 2, 1955; Huntley, Illinois (BBU)
To: Fran Ridge <>

Regarding the sighting report of March 2, 1955.

The report states in part.

ITEM. 2 A. Upon leaving Huntley Illinois traveling North on highway 47 lighted objects appeared on either side of car.


D. Followed parallel to car down highway for approximately 10 miles.

Ten miles would have placed the vehicle at, or very close to Woodstock IL. As that's more or less in my back yard...

I called one of my older relatives who resided in Woodstock at the time in hopes that she would be able to tell me where that "all night gas station" mentioned in the report would have been located. And where, if the witness sought lodging for the night, he might have found it. She informed me that she had never heard anything about this story before but she was nonetheless amused by it. Her comments may help those unacquainted with the area to place the report in ah- historical context.

"At that time the area between Huntley and Woodstock would then have been open flat farmland. There would have been almost nothing out there until he reached Woodstock." My relative informs me that the only gas station that he would have found might have been "Bud Collins (sp?) little gas station on the corner of Lake (street) and 47 just as you came into Woodstock. I don't think it was open all night, but it might have been open at night." She was of the opinion that there could have been a small motel nearby. But she was less certain about this, as she thought that it might have been built sometime after 1955.

I spent a little time researching the micro filmed copies of "The Woodstock Sentinel" as well. This paper would have covered most of what went on in the area at the time. The Woodstock Public Library holds copies of this newspaper from 1903 onward until the date it ceased publication.

The Sentinel was a daily and with the help of the library's staff I was able to review the issues from February 28 through March 7th, 1955. As expected, I found no reference to the reported sighting of March 2, 1955 recorded therein. However, I did find a reference to the nuclear test. A local lad serving in the U.S. Army was reported to have been present to observe it. Oh my.


Bill -WB9NLI-