Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 16:08:39 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: 550823 Cincinnati, OH
To: fran ridge <>

Leonard Stringfield:

On August 23, (1955) it happened! About midnight, residents throughout the city were jarred by the roar of jets. From S.A.C., Lockbourne AFB, south of Co­lumbus, the Air National Guard jets were alerted, scrambled and were over Cincinnati in 12 minutes. The alert began when three UFOs were sighted and confirmed by radar somewhere between Columbus and Cincinnati. In the meantime, Walter Paner, Supt. of Hamilton County GOC, on duty at the ml Healthy Post, phoned the author of the existent alert and relayed the word that jet interceptors were due over the area. He said the UFOs had been active over Mt. Healthy and could be seen clearly by observers from the tower. In short time, the jets, at approximately 20,000 ft., were over Cincinnati, but poor visibility prevented me and a visiting friend from Toronto, Canada, from seeing the UFOs which had deployed over a wide area. According to radar, the interlopers had extended 37 miles south, 24 miles north of the city, and as far as 10 miles east of Mt. Healthy. A later call from Paner disclosed that a UFO was seen hovering in pendulum-like motions directly over the tower. At about 12:10 a.m., the interceptors made contact, and swooping in, chased the UFO—which disappeared at incredible speed. In the meantime, the Forestville and Loveland GOC Posts reported the erratic flights of UFOs to the Air Filter Center describing them as round, brilliant white spheres and discs. I remained on watch from Madison Place with binoculars until 2 a.m. but heavy clouds prevailed, obscuring the activity. However, overhead, the continuous din of low flying jets reminded me of action in the Pacific campaigns while waiting for the inevitable attack. Incongruously, the public, asleep or perhaps wondering about the noisy jets, did not suspect the truth.

The following morning, jet aircraft were still aloft over greater Cincinnati, but it was not until nightfall that a UFO again was spotted by GOC in Forestville. Herb Clark, Ralph Bardoff and Fred Pfeffer, on duty, described the object, as brilliant white and making no sound, to the Filter Center. Con­firming reports of UFO activity came from GOC in Loveland and as far west as Vevay, Indiana.

(Reference: Leonard H. Stringfield; inside SAUCER POST 3-0 BLUE, page 25)