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Subject: Huge Cigar Tracked . USS FDR, July 26, 1956


                                              OPERATIONAL HISTORY

                                                   Updated 17 June 2010

420709                Authorized by Act of Congress

430121                Contract awarded to the New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY

430715                Reclassified from CV to CVB "Midway Class".

431201                KEEL LAID down, as "Coral Sea", in Drydock #5.

450429                LAUNCHED. Christened by Mrs. John Towers, wife of VADM Towers,

                            Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt made her first

                            public appearance since the death of F.D.R., also in attendance was Sec. of

                            Navy, James Forrestal, Fleet ADM. Ernest A.King, RADM F.A. Daubun,

                            General of the Army George C. Marshall.

450508                Officially renamed "U.S.S. FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT" (CVB-42).

450601                CAG-75 Commissioned Chincoteague, VA, Commander B.M. Stean, USN.

450920                Post Office Established

451027               COMMISSIONED President Harry S Truman & Eleanor Roosevelt in

                           attendance. 1st. Captain Apollo Soucek USN. Oct. 27, 1945 - Mar. 2, 1946.

451103               Completed

451116               Maiden Voyage

451130               Eleanor Roosevelt on board

451212               1st. landing by Cdr. R.E.C. Jones, Air Officer: in an F6F "Hellcat"

                           1st. catapulted takeoff by LtCdr. R.M. Elder, Air Ops Officer in a F4U


    Dec.12 & 13, 75 landings, 74 takeoffs & 1 Barrier crash.

460106              Air Wing CVEG-75 on board,  135 planes. F4U-4 Corsairs,  SB2C Helldivers

                          & F6F-5P Hellcats,

460114-460306 Shakedown Cruise to Caribbean Sea & Brazil, SA.

460128              FDR's first crossing of the Equator. Lat. 00,00,00 & Long. 42,45,00

4602??              1000th.Landing, Ltjg. "Hoot" Burns & Air crewman Alfred Hack 2/c

460201-460211 RIO DE JANEIRO for inauguration of Brazilian President Enrico G. Dutra.

                          On board Former Mayor of NYC LaGuardia, Lana Turner, Adm. Cassady


460302              Change of Command, Guantanano Bay, Cuba, Capt. Herbert Regan USN,

                          Capt. Soucek promoted retroactive to 23 July 1940 to

                          RAdm. of Com-Car-Div-14.

460305              2000th. Landing, Lt. J.L. Chandler

460321              Arrived Brooklyn, NY for Post-Shakedown alterations.

460410              Arrived Norfolk, VA (1st. homeport)

April-June         Flagship of ADM. Marc Mitscher.

460419-460526 Departed Norfolk for maneuvers with 8th. Fleet in Western Atlantic.

4604??              3000th. Landing, LtJG. Edgar McNett

460422-460423 Presidential Cruise - On board President Truman, Adm. Mitscher,

                          FAdm Nimitz, FAdm. Leahy, SecNav. James Forrestal, for 6 month Inspection.

4605??             4000th. Landing, Ltjg. Frank Such.

460519              At anchor off Culebra Island

460527-460606 New York, NY

460628              Pres. Truman visit

460719              At Norfolk, loaded McDonnell XFD-1  "Phantom" for Trials. Was tested at

                          PAXRIV  Maryland

460720              FIRST JET AIRCRAFT landing & takeoff from US Carrier. "0650" First

                          Deck-run takeoff, a total of 5 takeoffs & arrested landings. Pilot LtCdr. James

                          J, Davidson. (Note: Great Britain First to use Jets on Carrier. HMS Ocean R68

                          on Dec. 3,1945 Aircraft  'De Haviland DH.100 Vampire)

460722-460802 Standardization Trials, Guantanamo, Cuba

460806              RAdm. John Howard Cassady, ComCarDiv-l on board.

460808-461004 1st. Mediterranean Cruise, Twelfth Fleet with CVBG-75 Air wing on board.

                          Tail code FF

46067?               6000th. Landing, Ltjg. J.W. Porter

460816               Lisbon, Portugal. President of Portugal General A.O.F. Carmona, on board

460905              Athens, Greece

460909              Naples, Italy

460911              Malta

460915              Algiers

460922              Tangiers

461004              Norfolk, VA

461027              New York City, First opportunity for the American Public to visit the FDR

461030              Norfolk, VA

461112              Lockheed P-80A "Shooting Star" jet piloted by LtCol. Marion E. Carl USMC.

                          Off the Virginia Capes. First Jet Aircraft to be catapulted off FDR.

461115              Change of Command, Capt. John P.W. Vest, USN

461116              CAG-75 redesignated CAG-3. Added F8F "Bearcat" & TBM "Avenger"

470203-470307 8th. Fleet Cruise to Caribbean Area

470211              First Helicopter to operate from Carrier at Sea.

470318-480714 Norfolk Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA. 16 month Overhaul for Nuclear weapons

                          handling capability.

471107              Change of Command, Capt. Thomas B. Williamson, USN.

480615-480701 Ship Exercises off Virginia Capes.

480715-480901 Refresher training, Caribbean, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba & Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

480803              Change of Command, Capt. Harry D. Felt, USN.

480830              15000th. landing, Ltjg. B. Carroll

480913-490123 2nd. Med Cruise. Flagship of Rear Adm. Ballentine

480918             CAG 4 on board. Added AD-1 "Skyraider". Tail Code F

480923             Gibraltar

481001             0612 - 0755 Malta & 1730 Augusta, Sicily

481005             Malta

481009             Tripoli, Libya

481015             Piraeus, Greece

481027             Sfax, Tunisia

481106            Golfe Juan, France (Nice & Cannes)

481120             Naples, Italy

481202              Malta

481204              Augusta, Sicily

481217              Naples, Italy

490107              Oran, Algeria

490112              Gibraltar

490113              Relieved by USS Philippine Sea CV-47

490123              Hampton Roads, Virginia

490221-490321 Second Fleet Cruise to Carribean

4903??               CAG-6 on board

490307              Port of Spain, Trinidad

490315              Gitmo, Cuba

490321              Hampton Roads, VA

490411-490422 Reserve Cruise off Atlantic Coast.

490415              New York, Pier #90

490422              Norfolk, VA, Pier #7

490500-490600 Routine Cruises out of Norfolk

490502-490505 Task Force 89 Maneuvers off Virginia Capes wit Air War College Guests.

490507-490508 Congressional Guest Cruise.

490510              First Banshee Jet landing & first Panther Jet landing & takeoffs on board.

490514-490515 Congressional Guest Cruise.

490521-490522 Congressional Guest Cruise.

490620-490621 Secretary of the Navy Cruise off Virginia Capes.

490627-460708 Reserve Training Cruise off Atlantic Coast.

490702             New York, Pier #90

490708             Norfolk, VA

490711             Change of Command, Capt. Clarence E. Ekstrom, USN.

490725-460806 Reserve Training Cruise off Atlantic Coast.

490808-490820 CarQuals off Virginia Capes.

490830-490917 Portsmouth Shipyard

490926-490927 Carrier Operations Demonstration Cruise for SecDef, SecArmy, SecAir, Joint

                          Chiefs of Staff & National Defense Establishment Officers.

491010-491015 CarQuals & Tactical Exercises off Jacksonville, FL.

491027-491123 North Atlantic & Arctic Cruise CAG-6 on board.

491112              Passed Across Arctic Circle at 1250 & into Baffin Bay

491122              Hampton Roads, VA

500109-500121 Naval Reserve Training Cruise

500114              Gitmo, Cuba

500121              Norfolk, VA

500207              Off Jax, FL,  launch F2V-3C "Neptune" with JATO assist, on 5060 mile flight

500211              Norfolk, VA

500223-500312 PORTREX exercises off Puerto Rico as unit of Task Force 108.

500314              Gitmo, Cuba

500316-500318 Joint US Navy/Netherlands Royal Navy training exercises in Gitmo area.

500322              Norfolk, VA

500330-500825 Overhaul at Portsmouth, Navy Yard

500727              Change of Command, Capt. William V. Davis, Jr. USN

500825              Shakedown

500827              Portsmouth, VA

500922              Norfolk, VA

501002-501130 Refresher Training Cruise  off Gitmo.

501005              Gitmo, Cuba

501103              Port-au-Prince, Haiti

501121              Hampton Roads, VA

501204              Portsmouth, VA

501229              Out for Speed Run then to Hampton Roads, VA

510110-510518 3rd. Med Cruise - CAG-6 on board. Tail code WI

510121              Oran, Algeria

510129              Augusta, Italy

510203              Naples, Italy

510217                Piraeus, Greece

510224                Valetta (Marsaxlokk), Malta.    In & Out till 510301

510303                Palermo, Sicily

510310               Valetta, Malta

510316               Golfe Juan, France - 0750 to 1520 then Cannes, France at 1640

510404               Livorno, Italy

510412               Taranto, Italy

510419               Naples, Italy

510424               Livorno, Italy

510425               Cannes, France

510505               Gibraltar

510517               Norfolk, VA

510728               Change of Command, Capt. Fitzhugh Lee, USN

510817               ADM. L.D. McCormick relieved ADM. W.M. Fechteler as CIC: Atlantic Fleet

                           on Board the "FDR”

510903-520204 4th. Med Cruise

510903               CAG-17 on board added F2H-2 "Banshee". Tail code K

510922               Lisbon, Portugal relieved USS Coral Sea CVB-43

511001              Augusta, Sicily

511008              Naples, Italy

511012              Laspezia, Italy

511016              General Eisenhower on board for visit

511021              Genoa, Italy

511027              Cannes, France

511109              Athens, Greece

511115              Souda Bay, Crete

511117              Athens, Greece

511120              Istanbul, Turkey

511225              Naples, Italy for Christmas

520121              Gibraltar

520126              Departed Med - relieved by USS Midway CVB-41

520204              Norfolk, VA

520214              Portsmouth VA for overhaul thru June 1952

520707              Departed for Gitmo

520726              Change of Command, Capt. George W. Andersen, USN.   (Future CNO)

520802              Port Au Prince, Haiti

520808              Jacksonville, FL

520814              Norfolk, VA    Pier #7

520826-521219 5th. Med Cruise, starting with NATO exercise in Norwegian Sea

                          CAG-17 on board. Tail code R

520906              Glasgow, Scotland

520916              Crossed Arctic circle (Blue Nose)

520920              UFO sighting - Scotland

520925              English Channel

520926             Weymouth, England

521001              Reclassified from CVB to CVA

521002              Lisbon, Portugal

521019              Palermo, Sicily

521029              Golfe Juan, France

521116              Taranto, Italy

521120              Athens, Greece

521126              Beirut, Lebanon

521205              Naples, Italy

521209              Gibraltar

521210              Relieved by USS Midway CV-41

521211              Departed Med.

521219              Norfolk VA (Pier 7)

530119              Departed Norfolk

530125              Mayport, FL

530129              Portsmouth Navy Yard for drive shaft problem

530306              Mayport, FL

530320              Norfolk VA

530417              Mayport, FL

530425              New York (Pier 86)

530509-530521 Norfolk VA - boiler repair

530522              Change of Command, Capt. John S. Thach USN (Thach Weave)

530611-531203 6th. Med Cruise, with USS Antietam CVA-36

530611             CAG-1 on board, with HUP-2 "Retriever" Helicopters- Tail code T

530620             Gibraltar

530623             Arrived Mediterranean

530702             Golfe Juan, France

530711             Marseille, France

530722             Salonika, Greece

530727             Piraeus, Greece

530807             Taranto, Italy

530814             Aid to Greece Earthquake Victims

530600             Refueled 5 seaplanes for 3 days, which were in "Operation Earthquake”

530800             Recorded the 59000th. & 60000th. landings, Ltjg. B.W. Martin,  VF-13 & Ens.

                         R.L. Mueller, VF-14.

530820             Naples, Italy

530825             Genoa, Italy

530905             Barcelona, Spain

530921             Cannes, France

530925             Las Spezia, Italy

531008             Naples, Italy

531021             Beirut, Lebanon

531022             SCB-110 modernization ordered

531028            Athens, Greece

531031              Souda Bay Crete

531110              Leghorn, Italy

531126              Departed Med.

531203              Norfolk, VA

                          note: Average landings 1945-54 - 6000 per year

540107-540305 Enroute from Norfolk for Bremerton Washington via Cape Horn.

540113              Equator

540118              Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

540124              Montevideo, Uruguay

540127              Mar del Plata, Argentina

540202             Cape Horn

540210              Lima, Peru

540217              Balboa, Canal Zone (Pacific side)

540226              NAS Alameda “Pier #3”

540310              Arrived Puget Sound Navy Shipyard, Bremerton, WA

540423              DECOMMISSIONED Received SCB 110 Modernization. Angled Flight Deck,

                          Steam catapults, Hurricane Bow.

560406              RECOMMISSIONED Capt. John T. Hayward, USN, Commanding

                          Now Third Largest Warship (Forrestal-Saratoga bigger)

560406-560808 Return to East Coast via Cape Horn. New homeport Mayport, FL.

560616             Alameda NAS, CA (loading stores)

560621             San Diego, CA

560627             Balboa, Panama

560702             Equator crossing

560707             Valparaiso, Chile

560717             Cape Horn

560718             Lat-61, 43S ­ 63,51W (Smith Island) Furthest south any Carrier has been

560725             Rio de Janeiro

560726             UFO sighting - Rio de Janeiro

560808             Mayport, FL

 560829            Guantanamo, Cuba

560906             63000th. Landing ­ Lt. L.D. Hughes Attack Squadron 175 (AD-6 Skyraider)

560914             Port Au Prince, Haiti

560916             Guantanamo, Cuba

561001             Change of Command, Capt. Thomas W. Hopkins, USN.

561020             Mayport, FL - CAG-17 on board. FJ-3M "Fury"

561027             Norfolk, VA 72 hour notice status for deployment,   (Suez crisis)

561107             Enroute to Portugal

561120             Lisbon, Portugal

561209             Norfolk, VA

570209             Mayport, FL

570218-5703?? Gulf of Maine, cold weather tests (First Regulus Missile fired)

570321              Demonstrations for President Eisenhower who was aboard Guided Missile

                         “CAG-2 Canberra" (off Bermuda)

570515              Broken propeller

570519-570607 Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA. Overhaul & Repairs

570608              Mayport, FL

570619              Off Jax, FL an explosion in  #1  pump room, Killing 2 men and Injuring 29.

570620              Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA. to repair explosion damage.

570709              Departed Norfolk

570712-580305 7th. Med Cruise

570712              CAG-17 on board with F4D-1 "Skyray" & A3D-1 "Skywarrior", Tail code AL

570720              Gibraltar BCC, relieved USS Lake Champlain CVA-39

570722              Exercise “MACEX”

570723              Gulf of Palmas, Sardinia COMCARDIV TWO Embarked

570725              Cannes, France

570805              National Exercise “HAYSTRIKE 2-57”

570809              Barcelona, Spain

570819              Exercise “MACEX”

570912              Athens, Greece

570919              Exercise “COUNTERPUNCH”

570924              NATO Exercise “DEEPWATER”

570930              Corfu, Greece

571002              Change of Command, Capt. Frederick L. Ashworth, USN.

571012              National Exercise “HAYSTRIKE 3-57”

571015              Tobruk, Libya

571018              Rhodes, Greece

571029              National Exercise “FLIP FLOP”

571029              NATO Exercise “RED EPOCH”

571107              Athens, Greece

571126              Thessalonica, Greece

571209              National Exercise “DAISY CHAIN II”

571216              Cannes, France

571225              Cannes, France

580105              Pollensa Bay, Mallorca

580111              Genoa, Italy

580122              National Exercise “SCENDEX”

580129              Palma, Mallorca

580213              Arrived Gibraltar BCC, Relieved by USS Saratoga CVA-60

580216              Departed Gibraltar BCC

5802??              Enroute CONUS ­ 7 day search for Navy WV-2 “Constellation” Radar Aircraft

                         (BUNo141310 (TL-1) call sign “One Grass Skirt”, 110 Mi. west of Corvo

                         Island, Azores. TL-1 departed NAS Argenta, Newfoundland @ 0853 hrs EST,

                         for a normal Barrier flight to the Azores and back with scheduled return of

                         1100 hrs EST on  02 Feb. 58. Last radio contact with the aircraft was @ 0259

                         hrs EST. Aircraft disappeared without a trace or clue; presumably crashed

                         approx. 110 mi. NW of Corvo Island, between North Atlantis Barrier

                         checkpoints “Mahogany” and “Pendulum”. Following a week of extensive

                          air/sea searching, aircraft is struck off USN Inventory by AEWRON Fifteen

                          (VW-15) and her 22- man crew declared “Presumed Dead”.

580226              Originally scheduled arrival at Mayport, FL

580305              Actual arrival Mayport

580418-580903 New York Naval Shipyard, Overhaul

580703              Change of Command, Capt. Ralph L. Shifley, USN

580816              Sea trials off coast of New Jersey

5809??              Mayport, FL

581028              Stand by for Rescue of Americans from Oriente Province, Cuba.

581077              UFO sighting - Cuba

590107-590123 Participated in Atlantic Fleet excercises

590213-590901 8th. Med Cruise

590213              CAG-1 on board added F3H-2 "Demon", A4D-1 "Skyhawk”, F8U-1P

                          "Crusader” Tail code AB

590301              Pollensa Bay

590306              Naples, Italy

590328              Cannes, France

590404              Toulon, France

590423              Genoa, Italy

590508              Adm. Arleigh Burke, CNO, on board

590511              Piraeus, Greece (Athens)

590605              Leghorn, Italy (Livorno)

590612              Palermo, Sicily

590619              Asinara Bay ­ Embarked Midshipmen

590620              Naples, Italy

590710              Barcelona, Spain

590720              Golfe Juan, France - Disembark Midshipmen & Embark 2nd. group

590725              Golfo di Palmas

590727              Palma, Mallorca

590808              Cannes, France

590808              Change of Command, Capt. Theodore H. Winters, USN

590818              Golfo di Palmas - Disembark 2nd. group Midshipmen

590821              Gibraltar - Relieved by USS Saratoga (CVA-60)

590901              Mayport, FL.

591004              Collided with Pawcatuck (AO-108), During Refueling off VA, slight damage

                          to both vessels.

5911??              Joint Air Force - Navy weapons systems evaluations off Eastern seaboard.

600106              Air force instructor pilots observing, CAG-1 doing simulated atomic strikes.

600128-600824 9th. Med Cruise

600128              CAG-1 on board added F8U-1  "Crusader" & WF-2 "Tracer". Tail code AB

600209              Operations off coast of Spain for 3 days.

600212              Relieved USS Essex (CVA-9)

600219-600229 Genoa, Italy

600301               Simon H. Vissor, Minister of Defence, of the Netherlands on board

600305-600310  Rhodes, Greece

600314-600318 Thessalonika, Greece

600322              Helicoptered Greek civilian from island of Sifnos to village of Apollonia

600323             Athens, Greece

600402             Surprise training exercise

600419-600430 Naples, Italy

6005??              Nice, France

600513              Cannes, France

600528-6006?? Barcelona, Spain

600604-600609 Pollensa Bay, Majorca

600610              Palma Bay- Inspection & Change of Command, Capt. Edward W. Hessel, USN

600611-600615 Palermo, Sicily - in  preparation for joint exercises

                          with USS Forrestal (CVA-59) & the British carrier HMS Ark Royal (R-09)

600620-600624 Livorno (Leghorn), Italy R&R

600625              Golfo di Palmas, Sardinia ­ Fleet Inspection

600702-600716 Naples, Italy

600725              97000th. landing, Ltjg. R.D. Richards, VA-46, in a A4D ''Skyhawk"

600730-600804 Piraeus (Athens), Greece

600808-600812 Cannes, France

600816              Relieved by USS Intrepid (CVA-11)

600824              Mayport, Fl,

600910              at sea for 2 days off Florida coast to avoid Hurricane "Donna" 65 mph winds.

600920-601216 New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY, overhaul

601225              Mayport, FL

610107              Refresher training out of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

610215-610828 10th. Med Cruise - CAG-1 on board. Tail code AB

610223              Rota-Relieved USS Independence (CVA-62), VF-11 staying at NAS Rota.

610227              Villefranche, France ­ Admiral Anderson aboard.

610302-610307 Naples, Italy

610320              100,000th. landing Com. A.R. Hawkins, A4D "Skyhawk"

610321-610324 Tripoli, Libya

610328-610331 Cannes, France

610407-610414 Palermo, Sicily

610425-610429 Naples, Italy

610503-610506 Augusta Bay

610515-610522 Athens, Greece

610601-610609 Cannes, France

610616              Palermo, Sicily

610617             Augusta Bay, Sicily

610624              NATO's 10th. Anniversary, 24 ships of the 6th. Fleet & other Allied nations

                          review in the Bay of Naples, Italy

610626-610705 Naples, Italy

610710-610717 Genoa, Italy

610716              Change of Command, Capt. Edward L. Anderson, USN.

610720              105000th landing Lt. Jerry Patterson A3D “Skywarrior”

610729              Livorno (Leghorn), Italy

610818              Rota, Spain, Relieved by USS Intrepid & reemabarked VF-11

610828              Mayport, FL

611119              Off Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic for 7 days for show of Power during

                          political crisis. (NOTE: no jets could fly, all 3 catapults out of operation.

611127              Mayport, FL

611204-611214 Carrier trials for McDonnell F4H "Phantom II" from Flight test NATC

                           PAX RIV MD.

6201??               Carrier Trials for A3J "Vigilante"

620204              Hampton Roads, VA unloading Ammo.

620209-620407 New York Naval Shipyard for overhaul

620507              110,000th. landing. Com. Edward W. Loftin, Commanding Officer of VF-11,

                          F8U "Crusader"

620601              Change of Command, Capt. Walter E. Clark, USN

620727-620804 Gitmo Bay, Cuba

620728              112000th, landing

620804              Mayport, FL

620829              113000th. landing

620914-630422 11th. Med cruise - CAG-1 on board, tail code AB

620921              Azores

620924              Gibraltar

620928              Souda Bay, Crete, Relieved USS Enterprise (CVAN-65)

620929-621002 Rhodes, Greece

621005              114000th. landing. LtCdr. April 1963Smith VAH-11

621008              Istanbul, Turkey

621013             Athens, Greece

621023             Cannes, France

621026             Naples, Italy

621104             Naples, Italy

621108             Palermo, Sicily

63117?             116000th. landing

621124             Athens, Greece

621203             Cannes, France

621231             Naples, Italy

63020?             Barcelona, Spain

630405             121000th. landing, Capt. John B. Bennett US Air Force Attached to VP-11

630410             Relieved by USS Saratoga (CVA-60) in the Golfo di Palmas, Sardinia.

630412             Gibraltar

630422             Mayport, FL

630627-631122 New York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, NY. (Removed 6 of the 5"54 caliber

                          gun mounts)

630720              Change of Command, Capt. Gerald E. Miller, USN

631122-631221 Training off East Coast. In & out of Norfolk & Mayport

640110              Departed Mayport for Gitmo Bay.

640308              Mayport, FL

640428-641222 12th. Med Cruise CAG-1 on board, with First squadron of F-4B "Phantom IIs" VF-14, also HU-2 Det. 42 with UH-2A "Seasprite". Tail code AB

640509              Entered Med

640512              Relieved USS Shangri-La (CVAR-38) Pollensa Bay

640513-640517 Western Med (Exercise Fairgame II)

640518-640521 Barcelona, Spain

640522              Operating

640523-640528 Palma

640529-640607 Operating

640608-640611 Naples, Italy

640612              Enroute Malta

640613-640618 Valletta, Malta

640619-640628 Operating (US/UK Bilateral Exercise)

640629-640705 Athens, Greece

640606-640607 Operating in Eastern Med

640708-640710 Athens, Greece

640711-640720 Operating

640721-640729 Cannes, France

640725              Change of Command, Capt. Malcolm W. Cagle, USN

640730-640731 Golfo di Palma (Fleet Conference)

640801-640802 Operating

640803              Naples, Italy

640804-640809 Operating Eastern Med

640810-640831 Stationed off coast of Cyprus to aid in possible evacuation of Americans,

                          if necessary, during civil unrest.

640901-640907 Taranto, Italy

640908-640910 Operating

640911-640915 Messina

640916-640917 Operating

640918-640922 Rhodes, Greece

640923-640928 Operating Eastern Med & Tyrrhenian Sea (Exercise Fallex 4-64)

640928              LOST blades off #1 propeller, while on NATO forces exercises.

640929-641003 Enroute Gibraltar

641004              Gibraltar, Relieved by USS Independence (CVA-62)

641005-641013 Enroute CONUS

641013-641022 Bayonne, NJ, where she dry docked and a new propeller was fitted.

641023-641101 Enroute Gibraltar

641101              Gibraltar, relieved USS Independence (CVA-62) and resumed scheduled duties.

641102-641108 Cannes, France

641108-641112 Operating

641113-641117 Cannes, France

641118-641127 Operating (Haystrike 4-64 ­ 27 Nov. Replenish at sea)

641128-641202 Palermo, Italy

641203-641204 Operating Enroute Valencia

641205-641210 Valencia, Spain

641211               Enroute Pollensa Bay

641212              Gibraltar, Relieved by USS Saratoga (CVA-60)

641213-641221 Enroute CONUS

641222              Mayport, FL

650121              Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

650226              St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

650413-650424 Norfolk Naval shipyard, Portsmouth, VA

650426              Mayport, FL

6505??               Dependent’s Cruise out of Mayport

650626-651217 13th. Med Cruise - CAG-1 onboard. Tail code AB

650704              Gibraltar, Relieved USS Saratoga (CVA-60)

650709-650719 Naples, Italy

                          Fleet Operations

650723              Pollensa Bay, Majorca (Fleet Conference)

650726             Valencia, Spain

650802              Fleet Operations ­ Western Med.

650806-650810 Asinara Bay, Sardinia (Training Anchorage)

                          Operation PHIBLEX 2-66

650820-650830 Marseille, France

650827              Change of Command, Capt. Charles Lee Burbage, USN

                          Flight Ops

650904              Fire Aboard

650905              Istanbul, Turkey

650913-390928 Operations Dense Crop, Quick Draw & Deep Furrow with Turkish, Greek,

                   Italian & French Forces.

650929-651008 Taronto, Italy

651012              Collided with French  merchantman "Charles Le Borge" off  Southern France,

                           little damage to FDR, bow holes above water line on French ship.

651016-651019 Palma de, Mallorca

651020-651102 Naples, Italy

651112              Palma, Mallorca

651124-651207 Barcelona, Spain

651209              Relieved by USS Saratoga (CVA-60)

651217              Mayport, FL

660124-660218 Training out of Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico & Mayport FL

660502              Departed for 3 weeks training out of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

660510              150,000th. Landing

660522              Mayport, FL

660530-660606 Boston, Naval Shipyard, Boston, MA

6606??              Mayport, FL

660621-660630 CAG-1 on board, Training exercises off Puerto Rico

660627              St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

660630-670221 Vietnam War Cruise CAG-1 on board, Tail code AB with the following squadrons & Aircraft: VF-14                        F-4B           "Phantom II"

                                    VF-32 F-4B           "Phantom II"

                                    VA-12 A-4E           "Skyhawk"

                                    VA-72 A-4E           "Skyhawk"

                                    VA-172 A-4C           "Skyhawk"

                                    VAH-10  Det 42   A-3B          "Skywarrior"

                                    VAW-12 Det 42    E-lB           "Tracer"

                                    VFP-62   Det 42    RF-8G        "Crusader"

                                    VQ-1      Det 42     EA-3B

                                    VAW-13 Det 42    EA-1F

                                    HC-2      Det 42     UH-2A&B  "Seasprite"

660704              Crossed the Equator.

660708-660710 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

660726              Crossed the Equator. Lat.  000.0 - Long. 8602.5 E

660731             An A-4 "Skyhawk" was lost, operational, the pilot was recovered.

660801-660806 Subic Bay, Philippines.

660810-660912 Gulf of Tonkin, Yankee Station    (34 days)

660821              A-4 "Skyhawk" shot down by AAA fire over N. Vietnam. Pilot recovered.

660822              A-4 "Skyhawk" lost over N. Vietnam, by own rockets. Pilot recovered.

660828              Change of Command, Capt. George C. Talley, Jr. USN.

660906              RF-8 "Crusader" lost, operational. Pilot was killed.

660910              EA-1 "Skyraider" lost, operational. All 4 crewmembers recovered.

660912              Departed coast of Vietnam

660916-660925 Yokosuka, Japan.

660900              Operations with Republic of China forces.

661002-661003 Gulf of Tonkin, Yankee Station (1day)

661003               Lost blade on #1 screw, sailed for Yokosuka, Japan.

661005               F-4 "Phantom II" lost, operational. Both crewmembers recovered.

661007-661015 Yokosuka, Japan.

661019-661113 Gulf of Tonkin, Yankee Station (26 days)

661020              A-4 "Skyhawk" shot down by AAA fire over N. Vietnam.

661027              Medical assistance to USS Oriskany (CVA-34), when a fire damaged her.

661101              A-4 "Skyhawk" shot down by AAA fire over N. Vietnam.

661104              Flash fire, killed 8 & injured 4. Storage compartment with oil and hydraulic

                          fluid, #4 deck, fire extinguished in 15 minutes.

661112              Two A-4 "Skyhawks" lost, operational. Both pilots killed.

661113              Departed coast of Vietnam

661115-661121 Subic Bay, Philippines

661124-661227 Gulf of Tonkin, Yankee Station (34 days).

661202             TWO A-4 "Skyhawks" shot down by SAM missiles, while operating with

                         aircraft from the USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14). Cdr. Bruce Nystran, VA-172 still

                         unaccounted for as of 7-15-97.

661214             A-4 "Skyhawk" shot down by SAM missile over N. Vietnam, and a E-1

                         "Tracer" lost, operational. 3 killed, 2 recovered.

661227             Departed coast of Vietnam. NOTE: 95 days on line. Aircraft lost, 7 in action &

                         8 in operations. Flew over 7000 sorties.

661231              Subic Bay, Philippines.

670105              Change of Command, Capt. James D. Ramage, USN.

670108              Departed Subic Bay

670110              Hong Kong

670112              Change of Command, Capt. Martin G. O'Neill, USN.

670114              Departed Hong Kong

670117              Subic Bay, Phillipines

670119              Departed Subic Bay for the East Coast of the U.S.

670122              Crossed the Equator (second Shellback ceremony held)

670204-670206 Cape Town, S. Africa, No liberty due to racial unrest.

670221              Mayport, FL

670429-670515 Norfolk Naval shipyard, Portsmouth, Va. Overhaul and rudder repairs.

670518              Mayport, FL

670600              Training off Gitmo, Cuba

670617               Mayport, FL

670620              Change of Command, Capt. Gordon S. Hodgson, USN.

670824-680519 14th. Med Cruise. CAG-1 on board. Tail code AB

670911              Pollensa, Mallorca. Relieved USS America (CVA-66).

670918              Naples, Italy

671007              Barcelona, Spain

671017              167000th. landing LtCdr. James A. Evans VF-32

671027              Augusta Bay, Sicily

671031              Taranto, Italy

671117              Malta

671204              Marseille, France

671217              Civitavecchia, Port of Rome,  Italy

671223-680104 Cannes, France

680122-680128 Valetta, Malta

680205-680207 Souda Bay

680208-680215 Athens, Greece

680220-680229 Naples, Italy

680314-680322 Valencia, Spain (Valencial Falles Festival ­ Feast of St. Joseph?)

680328-680405 Genoa, Italy

680412-680424 Palma, Mallorca

680509              Pollensa, Mallorca. Relieved by USS Independence (CVA-62)

680519              Mayport, FL,

680601              Homeport changed to Norfolk, VA

680821              Change of Command, Capt. J.O. Mayo, USN.

681217-6906?? Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA. SCB-103.68 Modernization.

                          Centerline elevator replaced by deck edge 35 ton capacity elevator. $84 million.

690708-690711 CarQuals 176000th landing aboard USS FD Roosevelt

690801              Depart Mayport for Caribbean shakedown.

690904              Midair collision of 2 VA-15 aircraft near St. Thomas VI

                          177000th landing aboard USS F D Roosevelt

690909              Change of Command, Capt. Harry Seagrove Sellers, USN.

691103-691122 CarQuals  VA-15 plane & pilot lost on Nov. 12

700102-700727 15th. Med. Cruise. CAG-6 on board. Tail code AE

700122-700131 Barcelona, Spain

700206-700214 Valletta, Malta

700221-700226 Souda Bay, Crete

700303-700308 Taranto, Italy

                           Joint “Operation Chaperone” with British AF on Cyprus

700314-700319 Salonika, Greece

700328-700402 Athens, Greece

700410-700418 Palma de Majorca

700423-700503 Naples, Italy

700511-700516 Polensa Bay

700521-700525 Cannes, France

700529-700602 Cannes, France

700607-700608 Lovo Santo, Sardinia

700610-700612 Exercise “Dawn Patrol”

700615-700616 Naples, Italy

700621-700623 Athens, Greece

700625-700705 Rhodes. Greece

700705-700707 Exercise “SHABAZ XVI”

700719              Polensa Bay Relieved by USS independence CVA-62

700620-700629 Enroute CONUS

700729              Mayport, Fl

701003              Change of Command, Capt. John E. Hansen, USN.

701019-701119 Shakedown Cruise

710108-710122 Flight Ops off Florida Coast

710129              Leave Mayport for Roosevelt Roads training exercise.

710212-710729 16th, Med. Cruise. CAG-6 on board. Tail code AE

710218              Rota, Spain

710226-710303 Palma, Majorca

710309-710318 Barcelona, Spain

710325-710331 Naples, Italy

710408-710414 Valletta, Malta

710422-710504 Athens, Greece

710513-710521 Rhodes, Greece

710601-710607 Trieste, Italy

710615-710620 Taranto, Italy

710629-710705 Athens, Greece

710712-710715 Palma, Majorca

710729              Mayport, Florida

710000              192,000th. landing

710810              42 arrested aboard ship for drug usage.

710910              Change of Command, Capt. Charles J. Youngblade, USN.

711029-7111?? CarQuals

7111??-7112?? Training Operations

711218-711220 Operational Readiness Exercises

720117-720131 Operation Snowy Beach-Coast of Maine

7202??              Operation Springboard-Carribean

720215-721211 17th. Med. Cruise. Longest Med. Cruise (10 months)

                          CAG-6 on board. Tail code AE

720219               1st. Aircraft Carrier to be refueled by civilian oiler.  (SS Erna Elizabeth)

720301-720308  Bay of Biscay “Operation Magic Sword”

720310               Rota, Spain ­ Relieved USS Independence CVA-62

720310-720314  Operating in Western Med.

720315-720319  Palma, Majorca

720325-720403  Naples, Italy

720414-720410 Operating in Western Med.

720411-720416 Cannes, France

720417-720420 Operating in Western Med.

720421-720425  Barcelona, Spain

720501              Operating in Eastern Med.

720502-720507 Athens, Greece

720508-720515 “Dawn Patrol”

720516-720519  Corfu, Greece

720520-720524 Operating off the coast of Crete at NAMFI Missile Range.

720525              Souda Bay, Crete

720526-720530 Operation “PHIBLEX 12-72” in Eastern Med.

720601-720605 Rhodes, Greece

720606-720612 Operation SHABAZ 72

720613-720614 Souda Bay, Crete

720615-720621 Operating off the coast of Crete at NAMFI Missile Range.

720622-720705 Athens, Greece

720711-720714 Rhodes, Greece

720715-720720 Operation “National Week XIII”

720721-720723 Souda Bay, Crete

720724-720727 Operation “Good Friendship”

720728               Mersin, Turkey

720729-720730 Operating in Eastern Med.

720731-720803 Athens, Greece

720804-720807 “Operation Quick Draw”

720808-720813 Golfe Juan, France

720814-720818 Operating in Western Med.

720819-720824 Barcelona, Spain

720825-720829 Operating in Western Med.

720830-720907 Barcelona, Spain

720908-720911 Operating in Western and Eastern Med.

720912-720916 Athens, Greece

720917-720930 “Operation Deep Furrow”

721001-721005 Operating in Western Med. & Operation “PASSEX” with Forrestal CVA-59

721006-721021 Barcelona, Spain

721022-721027 Operating in Western Med.

721028             “Operation Quick Draw”

721030              Flight demo for Italian Military Academy.

721031-721105 Naples, Italy

721106              Operating in Western Med.

721107-721108 Operation “PHIBEX” off Monte Romano Bombing Range.

721109-721112 Augusta Bay

721113-721118 Operation “National Week XIV”

721121-721122 Operation “PASSEX” with Royal Dutch Ship Die Zeben Probincien.

721123-721127 Palma, Majorca

721128             Operating in Western Med.

721130              Rota, Spain Relieved by USS Intrepid (CVA-11)

721201-721206 return to CONUS.

721209             Norfolk

721211              Mayport

720223              Fire on Hanger Deck while in Mayport. Minor damage.

730313              CarQuals

730412              Change of Command, Capt. James B. Morin, USN.

730417-730425 CarQuals

730501-730509 CarQuals

730518-730527 CarQuals

730711-730725 Operation “LANTREDEX 1-74”

730722              2 days of racial fighting during Caribbean Sea Cruise

730906              Dependent’s Cruise

730914-740317 18th. Med. Cruise. CAG-6 on board. Tail code AE

730925              Rota, Spain - Relieved by USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67)

730926              UFO sighting ­ Spain

730929-731010 Barcelona, Spain

731019-731031 Operation “Nickle Grass” Deployed off Crete to supply Israel during war with

                          Arabs, delivered 36 A-4s to Israel with USS J.F.K. (CVA-67) &

                          USS Independence (CVA-62)

731115-731121 Athens, Greece

731203-731213 Athens, Greece

731219-740103  Barcelona, Spain

740104-740113 Operations Western Med.

740114-740123 Athens, Greece

740124-740128 Operations Eastern Med.

740129-740203 Thesalonika, Greece

740204-740210 Athens, Greece

740211-740214 Operations Eastern Med.

740215-740219 National Air Week Exercise

740220              Souda Bay

740221-740223 Operations Western Med.

740224-740303 Palma, Majorca

740304              Enroute Rota, Spain

740305-740306 Rota, Spain (Turnover)

740207               Depart for CONUS

740311-740315  Atlantic Storms

740317              Mayport

740506-7408?? Philadelphia Naval Shipyard for repair to cracked rudder

741220              Change of Command, Capt. Crawford A. Easterling, USN.

750103-750716 19th. Med. Cruise. CAG-6 on board. Tail code AE

750112-750114 Rota, Spain

750115-750116 Transit Strait of Gibralter

750117-750126 Operations Western Med.

750127-750202 Kithira, Greece

750203-750207 Operations Eastern Med.

750208-750212 Brindisi, Italy

750213-750218 Operations Western and Eastern Med.

750219-750222 Kithira, Greece

750223-750225 Operations south of Crete

750226-750227 Kithira, Greece

750228-750305 Operations around Crete

750306-750313 Augusta Bay, Sicily

750314-750318 Operations in Tyrrhenian Sea

750319-750404 Palma de Majorca

750505-750509 Operations Western Med. Operation “Red Eye”

750410-750418 Barcelona, Spain

750419-750425 Operations Western Med. Exercise SARDINIA 75

750426-750505 Cannes, France

750506-750512 Operations south of Sardinia

750525              VA-15 A-7B piloted by LCDR John BALTUTIS involved in a midair

                          collision with a VA-176, KA-6D overhead the USS ROOSEVELT. The

                          A-7B was lost at sea, LCDR BALTUTIS was safely rescued. The KA-6D

                          bingoed to Naples, Italy.

75????-75????   Naples, Italy

750531-750608 Palma de Majorca

750609-750615 Flight Operations in the Tyrrhenian Sea south of Sardinia and Malta.

750616-750617 Malta

750618-750626  Exercise “DAWN PATROL”

750627-750704 Malaga, Spain

750630              Reclassified as Aircraft Carrier (CV-42)

750706               Departed Med. Operations in Atlantic Ocean.

750719              Norfolk, VA

750720-750721 enroute Mayport, FL

751000              Presented the 4th. ADM James H. Flatley Aviation Safety Award.

760619              Change of Command, Capt. Richard P. Bordone, USN.

760700              Carrier qualifications with VMF-231, flying Harrier AV-8A's.

761004-770421 20th. and Last Med. Cruise. CAG-19 on board. Tail code NM

                          First major deployment by VMA-231 Harrier AV-8A

761014-761015 Rota, Spain and relieved USS America (CV-66).

761022-761102 Naples, Italy

761105-761107 Catania, Italy

761119-761203 Catania, Italy

761213-761226 Taranto, Italy

761229-770102 Catania, Italy

770103-770128 Naples, Italy

770111              Collision with Liberian ship "Oceanus" near Sicily Minor damage no injuries.

770112-770128 Naples, Italy

770212-770218 Genoa, Italy

770224-770228 Monaco

770228-770307 Cannes, France

770311-770315 Barcelona, Spain

770328-770406 Palma, Majorca

770412              Rota, Spain   Relieved by USS Independence (CV-62)

770421              Mayport, FL

770608              Last time under way on her own power

770613              Change of Command, Capt. Everett F. Rollins, Jr., USN

770614              Arrived Norfolk, VA for decommissioning.

770626              Towed up the Elizabeth River to Norfolk Naval Ship Yard

770630              Last Day Postal Service

771001              DECOMMISSIONED at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA

780411              Sold to Union Minerals & Alloys Corp., NYC, NY, for $2,111,013.37

780503              Enters "River Terminal Development Co. ", Kearny, NJ for scrapping.