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From: Jean Waskiewicz <>
Subject: Fwd: Nov. 24/25, 1956; Nr. Pierre, South Dakota

The Daily Plainsman
Huron, South Dakota
November 27, 1956
Page 1 

Saucers "Jam" Pierre Skies
State Police Report Half Dozen Seen

PIERRE (UP) - The skies

around Pierre reportedly were jam-

med with unidentified objects early

this morning.

The State Police radio reported

at least a half dozen sightings of

the mysteriously lighted and flying

objects in the Pierre region.

State Motor Patrolman William

Pulver of Murdo reported seeing

one which flitted around in the

sky between Murdo and Kadoka

for some time after midnight before

disappearing to the southwest.

He said the object constantly

changed directions. He said it had

a string of lights as a tail.

Pulver watched the object from

tIhe sheriff's office at Murdo. He

reportedly sighted another one later

while travelling toward Vivian.

Game Warden Charles Ilburn of

Presho also reported seeing a

couple of strange objects in the

sky about 15 miles south of Fort

Pierie on U. S. 83.

And Sheriff Warren Grandle of

Pierre and State Police Radio re-

lief dispatcher Alton Lower also

reported seeing a number of

strange objects about 24 miles

south of Pierre along State High-

way 34. Lower said, however, none

of them appeared very vividly.

They were in the same area

where a motor patrolman and a

police radio dispatcher reported

sighting one close to the ground

Sunday morning.

The State Police Radio said the

sky was cloudless at the time of

the sightings last night.
Motor Patrolmen Sight, Chase, Photograph "Flying Saucer;" Saucer "Chases" Back, Fades Away

PIERRE — Don Kelm and Jack

Peters, South Dakota state motor

patrolmen, got a good look at

and a picture of an "unidentified

flying object (Airforce parlance)

Sunday----and it scared them.

  They drove over a hill on Highway

34 about 30 miles east of

Pierre and there was the "flying

saucer" alongside the road.

   "It was almost in the ditch,"
said Peters.
   The object was bowl-shaped--
like and eggshell cut in half--
and it gave off a red light which
illuminated the highway.
   "I don't know what it was but it
definitely was there," Peters said.
   He estimated it was about the
size of a semi-trailer. His partner,
Kelm, said it was about automobile-
sized. That seems to be close enough.
   When first sighted it was about a block
   Evidently the "spacemen" were more
scared that Peters and Kelm because they
took off over the road in their "vehicle"
with the two patrolmen hot on their trail.
   During the six of seven mile chase,
the object always kept about a mile or
so ahead of the pursuers. At first the
patrolmen (by their own admission) were
"so scared" they didn't think of taking
a picture.
   During the chase, the "saucer"
seemed to stay about 1000 feet
off the ground. It didn't make any
noise. There didn't seem to be
any exhaust and it never
changed color.
   Finally, after about seven
miles of this, the two patrolmen
decided to turn around to see if
the "saucer" would follow them.
   "It seemed to," they said.
   But it didn't follow long and
finally disappeared.
   This Sunday's appearance was
followed last night by other sight-
ings of similar aerial objects at
Murdo, Redfield and Martin; on
Highway 83 about 15 miles south-
west of Ft.  Pierre; and on High-
way 16, southwest of Ft. Pierre.
   Some of these sightings were
investigated by the motor patrol.