Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 12:36:23 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: July 4, 1957; Nr. Campos, Brazil
To: Fran Ridge <>

July 4, 1957; Nr. Campos, Brazil
Disc with dome and portholes paced airliner. [UFOE, X]

U.F.O. Investigator
Page 11
On July 4, 1957, a circular, lighted
object paced a R.E.A.L. Airlines plane
from Campos, Rio State, Brazil, almost to
Vlctoria, the Capital of the Espirlto Santo
State. This is approximately 230 miles
northeast of Rio de Janeiro.
Reported by the plane's pilot, Captain
Delgado, the object was also watched by
his co-pilot radio operator, stewardess,
and ten of his passengers.
The UFO followed the airliner for
several minutes, sometimes speeding up
to fly in front of the plane.
The object was circular "with up and
down parts" according to Captaln Delgado's
report in the newspaper "Folha da Manha"
published in Sao Paulo. Whether this re-
ferred to a turret is not clear. One unique
aspect of the sighting was that when the
plane and the object went through clouds,
"little windows were lighted emitting a
very strong light, which was put out im-
mediately when the object came out from
the clouds."
NICAP is checking this report with the
Brazilian government and the airline for
further details about the mysterious object.
We are indebted to Brazilian correspondent
Osorio Ribeiro de Barros Neves of Sao
Paulo for this information.