Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 19:16:14 -0400
From: Brad Sparks
Subject: September 12, 1957; Tulsa, Oklahoma

5:00 p.m. CST. The witness, an electronics technician, was conducting
a ground check of the APS-64, which is a component of the MA-7
bombing system of a B-47 jet bomber, when he noticed a radar return
at approximately 60 miles range traveling at an estimated 24,000 mph
from north to south. The length of the observation was 9 seconds.
This is classic radar interference!  There was NO visual, NO UFO.

High speed target heading radially inward or outward to/from the center of the scope and doesn't continue across to the other side -- that's radar interference.  The case summary should note that the target disappeared in the "center of the scope."  The beginning and end points of all radar tracks should ALWAYS be reported and all points in between, with time, distance, azimuth, height if known, or report the equivalent data.  One should always ask oneself "If I had to plot this on a map, what would I need to know?"  This is essential in every radar case!  Speed and performance of an actual UFO depend crucially on that data so it's not mere technical detail.

This was an AIRBORNE radar ON THE GROUND so it could hardly be picking up a real airborne target when the beam was aimed BELOW THE GROUND, and that is something that should be noted in the summary.  Main report said:

"Because the reported sighting was made on a radar set in an aircraft on the ground and because the particular radar set [APS-64] normally will receive reflections ONLY FROM OBJECTS BELOW IT, the probability that Mr. [Whitson] observed a FLYING object is extremely remote."

This has NOTHING to do with the radar set MALFUNCTIONING.  It's INTERFERENCE with another radar set, NOT a malfunction.  Interference occurs with perfectly functioning radar sets.  Just because the Douglas tech Whitson could find nothing malfunctioning is not relevant to interference.

This case and all other IFO's like it (see below) should go into a special NICAP IFO file for future reference so others are alerted that this is not a UFO.