Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 10:46:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Re: Nov. 2, 1957
To: fran ridge <>

Hello Fran.

I've finally re-focussed [a little anyway] and noticed your inquiry about November 2nd in the west Texas area.

1). The biggest mass of Levelland [and related] sighting material was collected by CUFOS in 1992 [I collected it] and placed into a big binder to be used as a fund raising device. This is an inch and a half thick beast and covers the cluster of Levelland sightings, plus the Stokes sighting, and the Sebago sighting. USAF documents, newsclippings, civilian UFOlogy materials are included. {This would be a bit much to scan and send}.

2). The best contained study of Levelland is Rullan's monograph of 1999 {86pp long.} It would do the job nicely if Rullan would allow it and someone would be willing to scan it.

3). I looked for something{s} shorter and more within my scope to contribute.

......a]. WALTER WEBB wrote an 8 pp report for NICAP on the case concentration, which is pretty good. I'll scan that. (Provided below)

......b]. my memory is that there is a WEBB-DRAWN MAP of this, but it's not right here in my file. I'll look a bit; if I find it I'll attach; (See below)

......c]. Rullan wrote an eight-&-a-half page essay for IUR. I'll scan that. You can ask Mark if it's OK; (See below approved by Mark Rodeghier)

......d]. I have a one-page letter from McDONALD to DICK HALL discussing Levelland. I'll attach that. I would imagine that they discussed this more, but that's what popped up. (See below)

There was also a one page listing of the cases [a NICAP document, probably by Webb, but I'm not sure.] (See below)