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Nov 1957: Moore & Stokes

From: jan@cyberzone.net (Jan Aldrich)
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 16:15:02 -0700
Fwd Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 18:48:47 -0400
Subject: Nov 1957: Moore & Stokes


Loren Gross continues to examine the November 1947 era and
could use some help on these two cases.

Both Olden Moore, the Ohio UFO witness, and James Stokes, the
White Sands engineer, are interesting characters in the unfolding
events of the November 1957 flap. Since the early 1960's, very
little new information has come out about either case.

On the 4 November 1957 about 1:10 p. m. local time, near
Orogrande, NM, James W. Stokes, a high altitude research
engineer, saw an elliptical UFO sweep across the highway
twice. The car radio and the engine failed. Stokes claimed
that other drivers were also on the road, and their engines
had also failed. Stokes felt a wave of heat, and later
his face appeared "sunburned." "Writer's Digest" later did
a story on the sighting entitled,"The Day All Roads Led to
Alamagrodo." Stokes was interviewed on KALG which was
used as the basis of the "Writer's Digest" story.

The Air Force contented that they could not locate any of
the other witnesses. (No one, to my knowledge, came forth
in the newspapers, either.) The Air Force labeled the story a
hoax. Stokes continued to work at White Sands. It was even
reported that he had later been promoted. The rumors at the time
were that he had been silenced by officials.

Stokes supposedly had an earlier sighting. However, no details
are known about it.

In 1956 and 1957 Coral Lorenzen and Major Keyhoe were still on
fairly good terms. Coral in one of her letters to Keyhoe
before the sighting mentioned that Stokes was angry with
the Air Force and was planning something to get even.
Apparently, Stokes was close to APRO before the sighting.

If the APRO files were available, some questions about
Stokes could possible be easily answered. However, here is
a list of questions:

1) Is anyone aware of a later statement on the sighting by

2) What happened to Stokes? Did he retire from White Sands?
Is he still around?

3) Does anyone have information on his earlier sighting?

On 6 November 1957 about 11:20 p. m. EST, Olden J.
Moore, a plasterer, was returning home when he saw a
flattened spherical object with a conical projection on top
descend toward a field [here there are reports of EME on
the car which are wrong]. He watched the object for some
time. Then, got out of the car and walked toward it. He
heard a humming or ticking sound. He decided to leave the
scene and get another witness. When he returned with his wife
the object was gone. Above normal radiation levels at the site
were found by the local Civil Defense shortly after the sighting.

Other people reported sightings that night. Mrs. Moore
contacted the sheriff. Moore was later interviewed by the
sheriff, the press, Kenneth Locke, the local Civil Defense
Director, and LTC (later COL) Friend of Project Blue Book.
Plaster casts of the landing marks were made by a NICAP

It later leaked out that Moore had been taken to Washington,
D. C. for questioning. Moore would not immediately confirm
this story. In 1961 Don Berliner, later a NICAP official,
interviewed Moore. Moore said about two weeks after the
sighting he had been taken to Youngstown AFB, Ohio, then, to
Wright-Patterson AFB and flown to an airbase near Washington,
D. C. At Washington D. C., he was interviewed in the basement
of what might have been the U. S. Court House. He was given a
brief tour of the historic and other sights while in Washington,
D. C. His interview was more like asking for corroboration of
what was already know. On the third day he was required to
sign a statement that he would not tell anyone where he had
been. Then, he was returned home.

The later released interview of LTC Friend's questioning sounds
much like Moore's description of his Washington, D. C.
experience. Friend goes into a long description of bolide or
other common object and asks Moore if that is what he saw.

Questions on Moore are similar to the ones for Stokes:

1) Have there been other interviews or newspapers stories
on Moore? Or Kenneth Locke? Or Sheriff Robussky?

2) Is Moore still around?

Best regards,

Jan Aldrich
Project 1957