Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:38:41 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Fw: Re: Nov. 14, 1957; Rothwesten, West Germany (BBU)

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized docs from the site are listed below: 1  PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD 4 High speed nature of the target 5 SUPPLEMENT TO AF FORM 112 8 SUPPLEMENT TO AF FORM 112


Related information:

USAF Air Defense Radar Equipment AN/MPS-11 S L GE N Mobile version of the AN/FPS-8 AN/MPS-14 H S GE Y Mobile version of the AN/FPS-6


MPS-11 ­ Surveeillance Radar Set
The AN/MPS-11 Radar Set is a mobile, long-range search radar used as an early warning set. This set is also used as a permanently fixed radar identified as the AN/FPS-8. It is equipped with moving target indication (MTI) of the "Coherent video cancellation" type.
Capability: This radar set is capable of detecting aircraft in any azimuth at maximum ranges of 200 nautical miles and at maximum altitudes of /!0,000 feet. It can either be used to sector scan at any azimuth, or for continuous rotation for 360 degrees in both forward or reverse directions. The AN/MPS-11 provides power and video connections for a video mapping unit (GPA-30);power, video, and antenna connections for identification equipment (e.g. GPX-18/UPX-6); power for telephone communications equipment; and power and trigger for a height finding radar set (e.g. AN/TPS-37 or AN/TPS-40).
Frequency: 1280 to 1350 MHz
Power Output: 1 MW peak, 1.08 kW average
Pulse Width: (2) µseconds
Pulse Repetition Rate: 360 pps (depending on quartz delay line used)
Range: 200 miles; MTI 150 miles;
Vertical Coverage: 30 degrees
Horizontal Coverage: 360 degrees, 40 to 120 degrees sector scan
     Speed: Variable 0 to 10 rpm, CW or CCW; Position (handwheel controlled); Sector 0 to 120 degrees;
     Beam Width:
Indicator Type and Quantity: PPI (Originally up to six (6) GPA-126 PPI's); ANG CRC's had 12 UPA-35 PPI's (1971 - 1980);
Weight: 79,790 pounds
Manufacturer: General Electric

Mobile version of the FPS-8;  IFF: UPX-6 Transceiver, GPX-18B decoder (Transistorized version of the GPX-18A); GPA-30 Video Mapper; -11 version the antenna is mounted on a portable 30 foot tower; Trailer V-112 Photos A Characteristics same as the MPS-11 with exceptions noted below
Notes: Antenna mounted on converted 40mm gun carriage; IFF: UPX-6 Transceiver, GPX-18B decoder (Transistorized version of the GPX-18A); GPA-30 Video Mapper; Trailer V-112;
Photos; Technical Manual

MPS-14 ­ Height FinderFrequency: 2700 to 2900 MHz
Power Output: 5 Mw
Pulse Width:
Pulse Repetition Rate:
Range: Azimuth 200 nautical miles, vertical -5,000 to +60,000 feet(-2 to +32 degrees)
Vertical Coverage: Vertical Scan rate: 20 to 30 cycles per minute
Horizontal Coverage:
     Beam Width:
Indicator Type and Quantity: Two (2) 12.5 inch RHI's
Manufacturer: General Electric
Notes:  Mobile version of the FPS-6