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>Brief comment prior to going off-line for a week: Accepting that there are disagreements about this case, I think this

>summary badly needs changing.


>Captain of IGY research ship ...


>the ship's captain was not a witness



B:  This summary for my BB UNKs Catalog was prepared about 10 years and not revised after the extensive investigations made subsequently and was meant only as a very breif summary.  Rather than the ship’s captain it seems that a high-ranking officer -- who outranked the ship captain – may have been a witness.  Commander Paulo Moreira da Silva of the Brazilian Navy Hydrography & Navigation Dept who technically outranked the ship's captain, Captain José dos Santos Saldanha da Gama.  Cdr Moreira was apparently an eyewitness of the UFO who told the Brazilian press on Feb 22, 1958, that "the object was encircled by a greenish glow, our [meteorological] balloon was of a red color."  (Rio de Janeiro O Jornal and  Diário da Noite, Feb. 22, 1958;  Lorenzen 1966 p. 169;  Lorenzens 1969 p. 210)


>...and many crew members, plus ships photographer Almiro Barauna....


>Barauna was not a "ship's photographer", he was a civilian along for the trip



B:  With all due respect, Barauna was officially invited by the Brazilian Navy to take photos of the island, underwater photos, photos of the scientific IGY activities and the ship and ship operations.  That makes his presence at least semi-official, not someone there for a joy ride.  Can just be re-worded a little.


>...sighted and photographed Saturn-shaped object maneuvering over Trindade Island at about 12:15, about 15 mins after ships radar detected the unidentified target....


>There is no good evidence that the ship's radar detected anything


B:  Well, the radar detection of an unexplained supersonic target reportedly occurred the day before, on Jan. 15, 1958, at about 12:05 PM, almost the same time the next day as the UFO sighting and photography at 12:15 PM on Jan. 16, according to Dr. Olavo Fontes' Brazilian Navy sources.  (Fontes, APRO Bulletin, May 1960)



>...Power failure on the boat when object sighted; power returned upon objects departure....


>or that the ship's power failed during the sighting.  Both of these last claims come ONLY from Barauna retelling the story in a

>conversation in Rio a quarter-century later in 1982, and IMO can reasonably be shown to be based on conflated memories of real events ( e.g., there were power/engine failures on the ship and these are recorded in the ship's log but they happened on the return trip outbound from Trindade not during the sighting) and misinterpreted 1958 newspaper stories.





B:  Again, with all due respect, the alleged EM effects were reported just weeks later on Feb 23, 1958, in  Brazilian press (Diario Carioca) not "a quarter-century later in 1982.”  They reported that:


"what really made a deep impression on the [Brazilian] Navy was the report that instruments like radio transmitters, and apparatus with magnetic needles, ceased operating while the flying object remained in the island’s proximity.  The Navy decided to consider this a top-secret fact."  (Clark UFO Encyclopedia 1998 pp. 901b-902a;  Olavo Fontes, APRO Bulletin, May 1960) 


The statement may be somewhat ambiguous as to whether the Navy was referring to EM effect events on the island before the ship arrived or what happened on the ship around the time of the Barauna photography, but in light of that 1958 contemporaneous report of EM effects or power failure effects, Willy Smith's April 20, 1983, interview of Barauna takes on more significance: 


"... I asked if the object had been detected by ship’s radar. He [Barauna] replied that it hadn’t because all the electrical power aboard ship was out at the time.  He was sure of the reality of the power outage because just before the object appeared a launch was being hauled up from the water by electric pulley, and it stopped midway just as the UFO appeared!"  (IUR July/Aug 1983)


Barauna seems to allude to this power outage even in 1958 when interviewed by the press and he said: 


“The radar was not in operation at the time. The object was already gone when it was put to work."  (Rio de Janeiro Ultima Hora, Feb. 21, 1958)


The ship's log is provably incomplete since it does not even mention the UFO photo incident on Jan 16, 1958, despite the unquestionable fact that something occurred -- regardless whether a genuine UFO event or an orchestrated hoax by Barauna and alleged co-conspirators aboard ship -- something happened and was not recorded in the log.






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>Jan. 16, 1958; NE of Trindade Island (BBU)

>12, 12:15 p.m. Captain of IGY research ship and many crew members,

>plus ships photographer Almiro Barauna, sighted and photographed

>Saturn-shaped object maneuvering over Trindade Island at about 12:15,

>about 15 mins after ships radar detected the unidentified target.

>Power failure on the boat when object sighted; power returned upon

>objects departure. (Hynek/CUFOS 1982 tape interview;

>APRO/Lorenzen/Fontes; etc.)


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