Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 19:02:54 -0500
From: daniel wilson <>

Subject: Re: March 9-10, 1958; Panama Canal Zone

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original 17 over-sized docs from the site are listed below:   1 PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD   2 AFCIN-4E4 Henry A. Miley   4 A number of unident. radar tracks observed   5 Movement appears to be evasive action   6 Blips picked up by search radar   7 Track radar unable to keep up with ascent   8 UFO picked up by Hawk radar   9 Identification Section ADCC   10 As jet got close object moved away   14 AIIR IR-3-58  PAA made radar contact