Planes' Cockpits Heated
Pan De Azucar, Uruguay
May 5, 1958

Carlos Alejo Rodriguez, an experienced pilot and parachute instructor, was flying his Piper Cub between Laguna del Sauce and Pan de Azucar, near the Capitan Curbelo Naval Air Base, Uruguay. It was 3:50 p.m., May 5,1958.

Suddenly, the pilot saw a brilliant object shaped like a "musical top" and about 15-20 meters in diameter approach his aircraft head on. About 2,000 meters from the plane the UFO stopped.

"I closed up to about 700 meters....." Rodriguez said in his report to Uruguay's Centro de Investigacion de Objetos Voladores Identificados (C.I.O.V.I.). "I saw that [the UFO] rocked twice, in a balancing motion. Then it took off in the direction of the sea at a fantastic speed. It left a little trail in the form of water vapor. . . . The temperature was greatly increased, so much that I had to open the windows and door of the plane, and take off my field jacket. I almost fainted."

This case is similar to a report from Walesville, N.Y., more than four years previously. As reported by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe in his book The Flying Saucer Conspiracy: on July 1, 1954, a UFO was being chased by an F-94 jet with a two man crew. A severe heat wave filled the cockpit, causing the crew to bail out. The aircraft crashed into a residential section of Walesville, killing four people and injuring others. The unknown object was apparently never identified.

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