Comments: UFOs Follow Train
Central Indiana
October 3, 1958

James E. McDonald:
In the records are many (over two hundred) cases where UFOs "buzzed" cars.  There are also several instances from various parts of the world where unidentified objects have passed over railroad trains in a manner suggesting something more than random coincidence.  One interesting example involves a Monon Railroad freight train that was repeatedly over flown by four glowing discs during a protracted episode early on October 3, 1958.  I have interviewed three of the five train crewmen, confirming details to be found in the NICAP report and in a more complete account by Frank Edwards who originally investigated the sighting.  It is a very involved sighting since the objects followed the train maneuvering back and forth near it for an hour and ten minutes.  Only a sparse outline will be given here. 

The objects were first sighted a little after 0300 hours well ahead of the train crossing the path of the southbound freight as it was near Wasco, Indiana.  Cecil Bridge, fireman, sighted them first and quickly pointed them out to the engineer, Harry Eckman, and another crewman, Morris Ott.  Shortly thereafter the objects executed a turn and came in towards the train obliquely passing right overhead at a height estimated at 100 feet.  The men in the cab had radioed the caboose crew and conductor Ed Robinson in the caboose cupola told me that he was looking right down the line of cars as the four disc like things swept over the train.  He estimated their diameters as 30-40 feet. 

Interviews with Eckman, Bridge, and Robinson revealed many details.  At one time the train was switching cars at Frankfort, Indiana, and during the 10-15 minute operation, Robinson said that the objects seemed to have "landed" a mile or so back up the line.  He could make out sparks or glowing lights.  After the train resumed motion the objects followed them again and did not break off and leave until the reached the vicinity of Kirlin, Indiana. 

I checked carefully whether there was substance in reports that they had been told to keep quiet about this sighting.  All three emphatically denied this.  They had not been interrogated by any USAF personnel about this sighting.  I believe I am correct in saying that no wire story coverage of this important case was ever filed. 

James E. McDonald
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