Loch Raven Dam E-M Case
October 26, 1958
Baltimore, Maryland

Phillip Small and Alvin Cohen were driving in their car near the Lock Raven Dam in Baltimore, Maryland, on October 26, 1958. Approaching the bridge, they were stunned to see a UFO in the form of an egg-shaped object. The UFO was hovering about 100-150 feet over the top of the bridge.

Failure of Electrical System:

Fascinated by what they were seeing, they immediately slowed down their vehicle. They quietly crept to within 75 feet of the bridge. Their electrical system failed. Later, the two men described the failure as just like cutting the key off. They tried to restart the vehicle but were unsuccessful.

UFO Observed 30-45 Seconds:

The ghostly appearance of the UFO and their engine failure had such an effect on the men that they exited their vehicle and got behind the car. They felt safer out of what might be prying eyes coming from the UFO. After only about 45 seconds or so, the UFO emitted a white, flashing light which was accompanied by a sound like thunder. The two witnesses felt heat on their faces.

Policemen Respond to Scene:

Strangely, the edges of the UFO now seemed undefined as it began to rise up into the sky. The object brightened as it gained altitude, and was completely out of sight within 5-10 seconds. Now able to start their vehicle, they raced to the nearest phone booth, and called the Ground Observor Corp, but they did not come. The men then called the Towson police department. They sent two policemen to the dam area.

Burning Sensation on Skin:

Small and Cohen related the incident to the policemen, who could find nothing unusual at the scene at the time. Soon thereafter, the man both suffered from a strong burning feeling on their skin. They went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Baltimore for help, but were examined and released.

Follow-Up Investigation:

After both of the men began to feel better, they would relate additional details of the case to authorities. They estimated their distance from the glowing UFO at about 3/4 of a mile. They also said that there were no unusual atmospheric anomalies at the time of the sighting, and the skies were clear that night.

Project Blue Book Statement:

Project Blue Book did an investigation of the case, but could not find any earthly cause for the incident. They did make a statement that they could find nothing that would constitute a threat to the United States. The Lock Raven Dam case remains unexplained to this day.