Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 05:31:36 -0500
From: francis ridge <>
Subject: Feb. 4, 1959; Swan Island, Panama

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text as follows

The following Experiences were reported to me on April 7, 1959.

UFO seen from PAA Plane

At 3 A.M., 2/4/59, enroute in a DC6B Aircraft flying from New Orleans, direct to Panama, Captain H. Dunker and his copilot and engineer saw an unexplainable device perform unexplainable maneuvers in the sky in front of them.

They were just South of Swan Island at 17,500 ft when a reddish light sped across their course from their right to their left (West to East). About 45 lateral degrees to their left, it stopped abruptly with a rapid fade in color intensity. A few seconds later it sped back across their course to a position about 10 degrees to their right, and again stopped abruptly, in only a few more seconds, the object sped back to the 45 degree left position, again stopping "on a dime" and again, as each time before, with a quick fade of color intensity, when the object started to move again, it moved right straight up at the same tremendous speed until out of sight. Total sighting about 45 seconds.

The pilots were impressed by the stops and accelerations, and can think of no other term to apply to the object than "UFO".


A pilot who was sitting in the ready room (John Novak) listening to the above account also, said that there was a sighting in Costa Rica he'd heard of. He looked in his log book and found the note he'd made. The tower operator at San Jose "El COCO" Airport had told him that he had seen an oval object flashing west to last across the airport just at sunset, and the date was 2/4/59, the same as the above sighting. San Jose is not far in Air miles from the above DC6B 's position at the time of the sighting. Tho the times are wide apart, it appears that in this latest "flap* ufo's are including the Central America Area.

Best regards,
Bill Nash , Capt. PAA