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Subject:   RADCAT No. 23.
Date:       August 13, 1959   16:00                    
Location: Bt. Roswell and Corona, New Mexico, USA (
33°52 N / 05°06 W)
Sources:  Hynek 1978, 135; McDonald 1968 (House Symp.), 69; Ruppelt, 65

Case 23                                                                                                                       score : 22

Martin Shough:
On August 13, 1959, Jack H. Goldsberry, former US Navy PBY, pilot of a Cessna 170 was flying from Hobbs to Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 8,000 feet. At halfway between Roswell and Corona, his Magnesyn electric compass suddenly moved around a slow 360° swing (a complete revolution) in about four to five second sweeps. He glanced out to orientate himself with known landmarksand saw that he was on course. Looking at his other standard magnetic compass, he was amazed to see it spinning crazily. About this time, he saw three small elliptical objects in close echelon formation passing across in front from left to right and on around to his plane at a distance about 150 to 200 yards and a speed of about 200 mph. They appeared about as large as a half dollar held at arms length. They were gray and slightly fuzzy. The Magnesyn compass was following their exact speed indicating their position as the objects circled laterally around the plane. They began another circle and disappeared to the rear of the plane. Both compasses setteled down their normal reading. After his strange encounter, he contacted the FAA controller at Albuquerque who told him that they were canceling his flight plan and that he was to land at Kirtland AFB, where he was interrogated for about two hours by an Air Force major, the UFO officer at the field, who told him to say nothing of the incident to anyone except his wife. The major told him also that if any unusual illness happened to him to get to a government hospital and they would take care of him. 

Sources :

NICAP Files (report from NICAP Bay area subcommittee including drawing of the objects and map)

Dr Richard F. Haines Files (interviewed of the pilot conducted by Dr James McDonald on January 20, 1968