Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:44:09 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Good lead from Jan: Westover case of Sept 1959

The following is a jpeg file of the document transcribed below:

28 April 1960

It was in September 1959, about midnight one night and a few of us were working in a B-52 jet bomber on the flight line at Westover AFB, Mass. S/Sgt Cordell, a bomb nav radar mechanic was checking out the radar set aboard. Suddenly, he called the rest of us up to look at the screen.

There were seven objects on the screen. One large round object and six smaller ones, three on each side and to the rear forming a "V" formation. They were coming from the north and were headed toward Westover. At about 150 miles away and in the center of our screen, three of the smaller ones appeared to move up and join the other three indicating a banking movement. Then they made a 180 degree turn and followed exactly the same path off our screen in a northerly direction. The exact speed is not available, but it was far greater than any known aircraft. About five minutes later, they returned and followed the same pattern. S/Sgt Cordell thought it may had been the radar set so he boarded another B-52 and once again observed the same identical procedure.

Upon contacting Westover tower, we were informed only that they were watching their screen.

All of the objects were round in shape and kept a close formation to the "mother object*. After the third time the objects came around, they left our screen in a northerly direction and did not return. We watched and waited for about an hour and a half ­ nothing.

The total time consumed in our observation, was about one-half hour.
The pattern of flight looked like a noose hanging from a rope.


I swear that this statement is true and correct and the facts I stated were wittnessed by me; no more nor no less.

A1c L. Frazier, USAF