Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 20:24:24 -0500
From: Dan Wilson
Subject: Re: April 18, 1962; Eureka, Utah, Rocky Mountain area

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

April 18, 1962;  Eureka, Utah, Rocky Mountain area At 8:19  p.m. MST, a brilliant fireball type object appeared over Nephi, Utah, visible in Idaho, California, Arizona, and Kansas traveling east to west. A violent explosion followed along with 20 to 30 sharp explosions. An Air Force pilot in a C-119 aircraft reported seeing a bright white object falling toward the ground. A resident of Lynndyl, Utah stated a bright white object passed over him traveling to the NW at 300 to 500 feet altitude. Other witnesses said the object emitted a gasping sound and slowed down in flight then speeded up again. The object was thought to have come to earth near Eureka, Utah. At around this same time at 7:18 PST, in Reno Nevada a witness said he saw a big fireball travelling due east. (Dan Wilson)

The original 78 over-sized docs for the Eureka event only, from the site are listed below: <>    <>  1 PROJECT 10073 RECORD CARD  2 One big explosion/ 20 to 30 smaller expl.  3 Congressional Inquiry Division  6 UFO Sighting, Lynndyl, Utah  7 This lighted up the whole surrounding area  9 UFO Sighting La Van, Utah  11 aircraft in 25 degree bank  13 Utah and Nevada, both US. Missile and
                                                                 nuclear test sites ###  14 A front page headline story Las Vegas  15 Prompted further investigation by FTD  16 Wasatch Nattional Forest  17 Lynndyl and Eureka, Utah ####  18 Report No. IR-1-62/ 2 of 7
  23 Report No. IR-1-62/ 7 of 7  25 1st Lt. E. E. Craver 10th TFS Pilot  27 Similar to that of the sun  28 B-52 crew, DC-8 pilot   32 UPI Eureka, Utah  35 ASTROPHYSICAL OBSERVATORY  37 Juab County, Utah  38 Reward for finding meteor  39 Investigate Tintic Area  43 Temp. duty travel orders  46 AF made no further attemps to recover it
                                                                 It slowed down and spurted ahead again  51 Report No. IR-1-62 / 5 of 7  54 Congressional Inquiry Division  56 Bright flash illuminated cockpit  57 Saw only after effects of fire trails 
  62 Grand Junction Radio
  68 Western United States  69 Wendover Bombing Range
   78 1-15 MAY 1962 SIGHTINGS