Famous Photo From Socorro Landing Case

Incident: April 24, 1964

L-R: Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, Mr. Burns (FBI), Maj. H. Mitchell (AFMDC),
Coral Lorenzen of APRO, and Sgt. Castle of the Military Police..

Sgt. Castle was the NCOIC of the SRC M.P. from White Sands Missile Range. His immediate supervisor was Captain Holder. Lt. Col. Conkey and Major H. Mitchell were from the AFMDC and reported to FTD on the results of their investigation. 

First notified was Mr. Burns of the FBI who notified 1st Lt. Hicks, Executive Officer of Co. C, USAF about the incident. Hicks notified Captain Richard T. Holder, the Up-Range Commander. Holder then stopped and picked up Sgt. Castle of the Military Police and they headed to Socorro. Before they got there, Coral and Jim Lorenzenof APRO  arrived. Holder interviewed Zamora AFTER Jim and Coral. Burns had already done a short interrogation of Zamora. Holder notified Lt. Col. Conkey at Holloman AFB and he and Major Mitchell headed to Socorro and took measurements, etc. of the site. While this was going on, W.P. was notified and Quintanella began his preparation to go, but Hynek made a beeline to Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque and then on to Socorro (Hynek told Vallee that he was also expected at Kirtland, but Vallee decided not to go). 

Actually, in the documentation, Lt. Col. Conkey stated that he was not there, but he is in the photograph, so probably a minor goof. 

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