Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969

Strange Effects from UFOs
Washington, D.C.,, NICAP, p. 53-54:

Landed UFO Frightens Boy, Cow

Young Michael J. Bizon had gone outside his home in Hubbard, Oregon, to let the cow out of her stall.  His mother, Mrs. Leonard M. Bizon, was inside the house.  The time was about 7:30 am, May 19, 1964.

“I went to put the cow out in the field,” Mike told a local newspaper reporter.  “Usually she can’t wait to get out there….She was crosswise in the stanchion and seemed very nervous….she was bucking all the way.”

Then he saw a square object about four feet high.  The silver-colored UFO was sitting in the middle of a wheat field.  It had four shiny legs.

“It started with a soft beep and started to go up,” the boy told Marion County Deputy Sheriff Shirlie H. Davidson, who sent his official report to NICAP.  “It went up slow until it got to about the height of a telephone pole.  Then it shot up just like a rocket….”

Sketch by Deputy Sheriff Davidson of Hubbard, Ore., Object, May 19, 1964.

Mike said the UFO emitted a smell like gas fumes as it rose.  He then ran into the house.  Mrs. Bizon said her son “had been very frightened and half crying when he made the report to her.”

At about this time, Ray Mortenson, the Bizons’ carpenter, arrived on the scene.  He went with the boy to the wheat field and they found a spot where the wheat had been flattened out.

“I would say the area was between three and four feet across,” the carpenter stated, “with the wheat being pushed out in a flower-shaped pattern.”

After being notified of the incident, Officer Davidson also arrived on the scene and saw the flattened area.

“The grain appeared to have been pushed down by some object,” Davidson wrote in his report.  “Three particular spots were noted. These were spaced about 36 inches apart….”

Later, an officer from Adair Air Force Base also inspected the site, but NICAP is unaware of any Air Force  comment on the case.


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