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Subject: July 28, 1964; Lake Chelan, Wash. (BBU)
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The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

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1. At approximately 1115 hrs. on 29 July 1964, a telephone call from the Sheriff’s office of Chelan County, Washington was received at this installation informing the Wing Intelligence Division of the sighting of an unidentified flying object in the area of Lake Chelan, Washington.  The Base Commander, Colonel Clyde W. Owen, was notified and Col. Owen designated Col. Earl E. Ellis, the Wing Intelligence Officer, to initiate an immediate investigation in accordance with AFR 200-2.

2. A check with the Seattle Air Defense Sector, local weather stations, and local control towers disclosed that there was no activity being conducted in the area.

3. In an interview with Chelan County Sheriff, the following information was received: the report of sighting came from two Chelan County residents.  A Mr. XXXX and a Mr. XXXX. The sighting took place at 22:30 hours on 28 July 1964.  The Chelan County Sheriff, Mr. XXXX,  made a ground search of the area in question on the morning of 29 July 1964.  He stated that there were no tire or foot marks in the area.  It must be pointed out that this area is a heavily forested and highly inaccessible area.  The exact area of the sighting has been determined to be 47-57.  5N 119-47W.

4. In an interview with Mr. XXXX, one of the witnesses to the sighting, the following information was received: during the evening hours, Mr. XXXX and an employee, Mr. XXXX were working on the farm of Mr. XXXX.  They were bailing hay in an open field when the sighting first took place.  The first thing that the two men saw was a high-intensity light coming up from the ground in a cone shape; this was approximately one mile away.  The light remained on for about 15 seconds.  After the light from the ground when off, a similar light from the air came on for the same period of time.  Mr. XXXX estimated that the altitude of the airborne light was between 1500 and 3000 feet.

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This was repeated in the same sequence once again. After the light came on from the airborne object the second time, it was seen to land by the two witnesses. Mr. XXXX stated that the lights appeared to be a signal of some type. The airborne object was seen coming in from a westerly direction, made a "U" turn when the ground light was observed and then made its landing. At this time, Mr. XXXX stated that he heard and saw what he thought to be a jet fighter aircraft make a pass over the area at approximately 500 feet altitude and disappear in an easterly direction. He also stated that the fighter aircraft was in what he thought, an apparent chase of the object. After a period of 40 to 45 minutes, the object was seen and heard to rise from the ground and disappear in a westerly direction. Mr. XXXXX agreed with the statement as given by Mr. XXXX.

5. It official interrogation of Mr. XXXX outlined in AFR 200-to provided the following additional information:

a. Description of Object.

(1) Shape ? Appeared to be round or elliptical.

(2) Size ? Estimated to be 30 feet in diameter.

(3) Color ? Light in color, such as aluminum.

(4) Number? One

(5) Any discernible features or details? Red and White lights. The lights were approximately thirty six inches diameter.

(6) Sound? A loud hissing sound, similar to a strong wind through the trees or a small jet engine.

(7) Other pertinent or unusual features? Voices were heard in the area. The voices were high and shrill, sounded like children at play. The voices were heard after the object appeared to land.

b. Description of Course of Object:

(1) What first called attention to object? The high-intensity lights.

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(2) Angle or elevation one first observed?  Between fifteen hundred and three thousand feet.

(3)  Angle or elevation upon disappearance?  Appeared to land, after forty to forty five minutes departed in a westerly direction.

(4)  Description of flight path and maneuvers of object?  Came in from the West, hovered and landed.

(5) How did the object disappear?  It landed, saw and heard it leave in a westerly direction of 280° true.

(6) How long was the object visible?  Approximately one hour.

c.  Manner of observation:

    (1) Ground-Visual? Yes.

    (2) Aids use?  No aids.
d.  Time and date of sighting:

    (1) 2230 hours.

    (2) 28 July 1964

6.  Mr. XXXX is a approximately 47 years of age.  His mailing address is XXXXX, Chelan, Washington.  He owns and manages the resort facility mentioned above, plus he owns a rather large farm located 10 miles north of the town of Chelan.  He is considered by people who know him to be of average intelligence and a reliable person.  He was a pilot in the Navy during World War II and presently holds a private pilot’s license and participates in frequent flights in light aircraft.

7. The official interrogation of Mr. XXXX provided the following information:

    a.  Description of Object:

        (one) Shape? Round or elliptical.

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    (2) Size?  Approximately 30 feet in diameter.

    (3) Color?  Not observed.

    (4) Number?  One

    (5) Any discernible features or details?  Appeared to emit a yellow light.

    (6)  Sound?  Sounded like a propeller driven small aircraft.

b.  Description of Course of Object:

    (1) What first called your attention to object?  Heard a sound, saw the bright lights.

    (2) Angle are elevation when first observed?  Estimated object to be five hundred feet off the ground. 

    (3) Angle or elevation when object disappeared?  Didn’t see it leave.

    (4) Description of flight path?  Came in from the West, made a “U” turn over the ground light and landed.

    (5) How did object disappear?   When the M1 lights went out, object disappeared.
    (6) How long was the object visible?  Thirty to forty-five seconds, watch the area for an hour.
c.  Manner of observation:
     (1)  Ground-visual?  Yes
     (2)  Aids used?  None
d.  Time and date of sighting:

    (1)  2230 hours

     (2)  28 July 1964
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8.  Mr. XXXX is approximately 25 years of age; he resides at XXXXX, Chelan, Washington.  He works for Mr. XXX on his farm and does odd jobs around the Resort.  Mr. XXXX was recently released from the Air Force with an Honorable Discharge.  He is considered by the people he associates with to be a reliable person.

9.  On 31st of July 1964, accompanied by Sheriff Nickell , the investigating officer made a thorough helicopter search of the area from treetop altitude.  There was no sign of any activity in the area and no area was noted that would accommodate an object of 30 feet in diameter.  As mentioned before, the area has a heavy tree coverage.

10.  On 1 August 1964, in intensive ground search of the entire area was accomplished by the investigating officer for a period of three hours in the early morning.  At 0800 hours a very heavy rainfall began.  The rain was accompanied by rather extensive lightning and thunder making any further search impractical.  No evidence or any activity or persons were discovered during any of the searchers of the area in question.

11.  A check with the state and forestry people disclosed that there were no personnel working in the area at the time of the sightings.

12.  A check with the weather bureau at Lawson AFB and the residence of the Chelan area indicated that it was an extremely hot evening, with temperatures in the high 80s and the wind was perfectly calm.  There were very few clouds, estimated at less than two tenths high serous by the weather bureau at the time in question and the visibility was unlimited.

13.  Results of this investigation reveals that no object of the size reported could’ve possibly landed in the area in question.

14.  The lights observed can be explained as coming from the headlights of the numerous automobiles driving to and from the local resort areas of Lake Chelan.  As mentioned before, the terrain is very mountainous.  This fact plus the good visibility and the few clouds in the area can give the illusion of signal lights when the automobile headlights are reflected from the clouds present at the time of the sighting.

15.  The sounds reported by the two witnesses could easily be explained.  On the night of the sighting and also on the night of 29 July, the atmospheric conditions were such that even the sounds produced by normal conversation could be heard for a great distance.

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16.  It is the opinion of the investigating officer that nothing of significance to the Air Force or to the security of the United States was involved in the sighting reported to this installation on 29 July 1964.

17.  This report is submitted in accordance with AFR 200-2, paragraph 13b, dated 30 March 1964.

Clyde W. Owen           1 Atch
Colonel, USAF            1.  Map-area of reported
Commander                 sighting.