Subject: Re: Latest SUNlite -- The Bad Science, Bad Mapping and Bad Astronomy of  Debunkery
From: Brad Sparks
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 13:13:30 -0400 (EDT)

I think it is instructive to review a prime example of SUNlite debunkery to see how valid and successful the results. We have been subjected to months of propaganda flak on this and/or other lists cheerleading for debunkery.  Given the sheer volume of bad science, mapping, and astronomy going all the way back to the days of Blue Book that has been used in a desperate effort to destroy the hated UFO, I might suggest that BB's latest incarnation SUNlite be renamed DARKnite -- Debunkers Against Rational Knowledge (DARK) turning Nonsense Into Terrestrial Explanations (NITE). 




Aug. 18, 1964, Atlantic UFO report by AF C-124 crew explained as NASA rocket launching


PRINTY “701 CLUB” CASE (Jan/Feb 2013)

PRINTY SAID:  This was “a very good unidentified case” of BB’s but was a NASA Scout rocket launch that investigators had “ignored” all this time. 


Claimed “the plane was pointed towards Wallops Island when they saw the UFO” on collision course (= aircraft heading dead ahead “pointed” in same direction as UFO).  Drew map (wrongly) showing aircraft heading 247° towards Wallops Island (instead of 247° towards Dover AFB).  


Claimed that “the sighting line is very interesting” as 247° aircraft “direction points towards the launch pads at Wallops island, which is located about 220 miles away along a true bearing of 246 [sic] degrees.”  Claimed sighting “time” was only “approximate” or just a casual “estimate” or outright “error” so discrepancy with NASA launch time could be ignored.  Claimed sky could have been “clear” between the clouds so rocket could be seen in between. 




FACTS:  BB misread the sighting location clearly stated in the 2-page teletype of pilot interview -- which constituted the entirety of the sighting info, a poorly documented case.—not “a very good unidentified case.”  The UFO was a “blurred” reddish-white light with no angular size or brightness or exact directional data given or exact time intervals of events within the 2-minute sighting.  


Printy did not notice BB location error and published misleading map showing C-124 flying straight 247° towards Wallops Island NASA launch site instead of flying 247° towards its home base Dover AFB for landing, thus jerry-rigging the map to create a bogus “coincidence” of UFO sighting line (= aircraft collision course heading) = direction of Wallops Island rocket launch site.  


Actual C-124 sighting location was 650+ miles from Wallops Island (430+ mile error by Printy who claimed it was ~220 miles distant, and later downplayed it as minor error), with 15-mile visibility between clouds (not “clear” visibility), and no possibility the rocket could have been seen.  Sighting time discrepancy with Scout launch of at least ½ hour; start and end times (plural) were given exactly as 0535 to 0537, not “approximate” or just an “estimate.”  Object did not rise up like a rocket but “maintained altitude.”  C-124 took evasive action to avoid possible collision, UFO made “right turn” and disappeared.  





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Subject: Re: Latest issue of SUNlite available
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To all,
The latest issue of the skeptical UFO newsletter SUNlite, #5-
5, has just been published. 
Though its editor, Tim Printy, approaches the UFO problem from a 
skeptical stance, his voice is one that needs and deserves to be 
Printy's skeptical approach is one of reasoned and critical 
thinking, and in my view, this makes each and every issue of 
SUNlite an absolute MUST read. 
So it is with issue. 
It contains a most interesting and enlightening article on 
Roswell re the MOGUL explanation, which sheds much light on the 
Also, it contains two now regular articles, the 701 Club", and 
UFO Evidence Under Review, which clearly illustrate that a 
disturbing number of reports formerly thought to be 
"UNIDENTIFIED" do in fact almost certainly have mundane 
701 Club deals with the Blue Book files, and UFO Evidence Under 
Review deals with the contents of THE UFO EVIDENCE (NICAP, 
Printy is weeding out a lot of the detritus from both of these 
sources, something that few others in ufology are doing. For 
that valuable service alone, Printy deserves much credit.
Herb Taylor


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Subject: Latest issue of SUNlite available
It is available for download.  I am sorry that Roswell seems to 
dominate again but that seems to be the way of things.  
Enjoy: Tim