Date: Sun, 5 Feb 2012 06:40:34 -0800 (PST)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: McDonald notes on Patuxent incident
To: fran ridge <>

OK --- I have no idea of course whether anything here is going to be significant, but here's a shot at the first document:


McDonald notes handwritten 2 pages

Patuxent Naval Air Test Center AC301 863-3111
Cdr. Gordon R. Otis, Operations Officer Phoned him 4/3/67 14:05pm
Mr. Austin White, ATC civilian advisor, was at Patuxent in Dec 1964. Cdr Otis called him to phone.

Wallops Island off to East & generates many UFO's, he p'o'd [Fran: JEM uses "p.o.' for "pointed out"]

White remembers incident; Officer's name was Corson, not Cordon. Corson now in Spain. Otis replaced him.

Was on nite watch & White not on watch. Suyka got returns at high speeds. Came in and turned around and went back. Recalls came all the way into ground clutter (two miles or so), but I p.o. NICAP says 15 mile turn-back point.
Have L-band 200 mile range.

& S-band ( can track on MTI all way in). Short range. White could not recall about any details of calibration --- check.

White will check logs & let me know if have any records of it.

Cdr Otis wanted to chat a bit re UFO problem. Clearly knew very little about it, but casually said may be something to it all.


Investigator account:

Suyka and 2 other Navy CTOs (Control Tower Operators) track two large unknown returns ( largest they'd ever seen on scope). Approaching NATC, 10 miles apart at 6000 [Fran, I don't know what this next "word" is: it is apparently a four letter thing --- could be three --- which looks like an abbreviation of something.... like "lcts"... the "t" and "s" are certain. The "c" could easily be an "e" as JEM does that all the time].

15 miles away the two turned back.

Then on a second approach came in to 10 mile range before swerving.

Finally, a single return came in toward base & at eight miles out went thru a 160-degree turn, a fantastic maneuver at such high speed.

All three CTOs agreed were hard echoes not related to malfunction. AF told Sen. Byrd was due either to faulty radar or poorly trained operators, yet previously, on Jan 5, 1965 the Navy officially released a report vouching for the sighting.


Ok, round two: Suyka's handwritten notes on the formal report document:

Note #3: The AF said there were malfunctions of radar but to this date March 5, 1965 they have never checked our radar & not anything like above has been seen since.

I also now have permission to release this information and you may use my name.

B. R. Suyka

6000 NMPH = about 7200 MPH
Above all verified by CDR Corson USN Operations officer Patuxent Riv. MD


Here's the last scrawled note:

Bernard R. Sujka ABQ [McDonald means Albuquerque here] resident at 298-6553 4/23/67 at ABQ (Chester B. Sujka, 2704 Lousiana Blvd, NE, ABQ).

Time was 0330 -- on midwatch definitely. Times and dates garbled in press. No windows-- down in radar room; got WW data from Aerology.
All happened so fast, couldn't respond fast enough to call tower re visual obs. After 5 minutes they [I think Sujka must have said "were" here, Fran, but JEM didn't write it in haste] called & CT saw nothing he said.

Sujka holds control tower operator's certificate. At time was Air Controllerman 3/c.

Chief Jas. Flanagan & Pinkerton ( now a Warrant Officer). Jim Flanagan probably still at Patuxent ( Chief Aircraft Controllerman). Pinkerton let NAS before S did.

Pair first came in on heading 340 degrees. Lost them at 15 miles. Nearly a 180 degree turn (160 degrees).

Second was a single UFO & both Sujka & Pinkerton saw it.

Doesn't recall a 3rd sighting ( Cf letter for details). No third object.

Considered almost immediately whether it was weather effect (Pinkerton 14 years on radar).

Called radar technician (George?), he agreed that he'd never seen anything like it.

No other 'malfunctions' before or after that [ Fran there's an arrow at this point pointing upward to end of this word and "Dec.27" written next to it.]

Had just landed aircraft; no other traffic for next hours, however.

Called FAA Washington Center (Leesburg,VA) & they had nothing on it. Their radar coverage overlaps Patuxent.

Such cases have occurred before *

Radar: CPN-18 (wavelength ----------). Pinkerton was on 40-mi range display, while Sujka had been on 10, to land the plane. On MTI (Pinkerton), automatic MTI on these sets.

Flanagan & Pinkerton, who had much experience, said they'd never seen anything like. Sujka said size was main thing that was unusual about blip was its size was about 3 times average PB-A ( Patrol Bomber Lockheed Turboprop, similar to _____ [Fran: word here is something like "Electric" "Elastic"] ). Speed & maneuvers were also unprecedented.

* Was a slow night & they might not have been watching their scopes continuously at Leesburg FAA. [Arrow connects the two *'s].

Cape May Coast Guard had asked re visual sighting at Salisbury MD Flight Service Center, so Salisbury called Sujka. Sujka asked them to try to contact Coast Guard & latter denied knowing about.

No fighters available to scramble --- just test aircraft.


No USAF personnel or FAA personnel came down to check set or interview the personnel. This made him mad. Got together with others & assembled the letter, because man at USAF claimed Letter was sent a week or so after USAF claimed they'd checked it out. [Fran: I think McDonald wasn't able to keep up with the conversation here and he means that Sujka got mad because USAF made claims about checking case out before Sujka and others had even assembled their case letter with details].

Can't recall how long a time elapsed since sighting. Claimed that Navy controllers were inexperienced & probably a malfunctioning [ word is something like "adt" or "set"].

Thinks USAF statement was in Washington Post, definitely in papers. ( He looked for clipping that made him mad. AP Jan 1965 (late?). Head "Unidentified Objects False Radar Signals" " USAF says UFOs reported seen on radar at PNAS were defective radar signals".

After everything settled down, Cdr Corson said would be OK to send letter to NICAP, as S did. Age 24 now. Has 7.5 years in Navy. Soon off to Viet Nam. Leave May 7.

A USAF major reemed out Corson for the immediate release to press of news. But that was re the release. Cdr Corson chewed them out too & made Sujka retrieve his NICAP letter.

Date Dec. 19th 0330, similar on all clippings. (Shows Cdr. did not know of 200-2 & didn't realize should not have sent anything to NICAP even later on!)