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DATE:   25 January 1965
FROM : Chief, 



National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)
        1.   This confirms  conversation 19 January 1965, at which various samples and reports on UFO sightings procured from NICAP were given to  for transmittal to OSI. The information was desired by OSI to assist them in the preparation of a paper for  on UFO's.

      2.   In accordance with  request, we met on 19 January 1965 with Mr. Richard Harris Hall, Acting Director of NICAP. Though Major William Kehoe, founder of NICAP, is still listed as Director of the organization, we gather that he is present on the premises at 1536 Connecticut Avenue, N.W, only infrequently.

      3.   The material which was given to us on loan by Mr. Hall is representative of the type of information available at NICAP. Their past and present correspondence from all over the US relative to UFO sightings is voluminous. They have slack periods as was the case in December 1964, thus there were no "Investigators" reports immediately available for the month of December. NICAP has active Committees scattered throughout the US. Investigators active with these committees call upon the sources of reported UFO sightings to obtain first hand, eye witness accounts of the sightings. A printed form, prepared by the Air Force for NICAP's use, is utilized during the interview, and submitted to NICAP headquarters along with the source's eye witness account as told to the investigator. It was our understanding that copies of these reports go directly to various Air Force bases. There apparently is strong feeling on the part of NICAP officials, i.e., Kehoe and Hall, that the Air Force tends to downgrade the importance of UFO sightings because they (the Air Force) does not care to have to much made of the sightings by the US press. We were told by Mr. Hall that there have been instances where the Air Force has attempted to intimidate witnesses and get them to sign false statements relative to UFO sightings.

      4.   The most recent UFO sightings of considerable interest to NICAP was the series of pick-ups of UFO's on the radar screen of the Patuxent Navel Air Station between 1500 and 1530 on 19 December 1964. This incident was reported in the press as a singe sighting,, a UFO approaching Patuxent at speeds up to 3800 miles per hour. The Air Force a day or so later stated in the press that the blip was caused by faulty radar equipment. Actually, according to Hall, who talked with an unidentified person close to the situation, there were three separate sightings;
(a) Two UFO's about 10 miles apart, southwest of Patuxent, approaching at a high rate of speed, disappeared from the screen;
(b) A single UFO picked up 39 miles southwest of Patuxent, altitude estimated somewhere between three thousand and 25 thousand feet, approaching base at estimated speed of six thousand miles per hour. UFO lost from screen about 10 miles out;
(c) A single UFO eight miles northeast of Patuxent, approaching at high rate of speed, made 160-degree turn, and dropped off the screen.
The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) station at Salisbury, Maryland, was contacted to determine if any reported UFO's; a radio operator had received a message from a US Coast Guard ship reporting "visual objects sighted" in same locale at approximately the same time of day. Hall did give us the name of one of the radar operators at Patuxent -- a Chief Pinkerton.
      5.   There was another UFO sightings reported in the area by the Washington Post within the last week or 10 days. Several men watching from the windows of the old Munitions Building on Constitution Avenue watched several UFO's on the horizon traveling at high rates of speed. They have promised to fill out NICAP's sightings questionnaire, which Hall says we are welcome to see when available.

      6.  informed us that she is requesting a security clearance on Mr. Hall predicated upon biographic information provided by .

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