12 January 1965 Night
Federal Officer incident. Multiple witnesses see low-flying object, 30 ft in diameter, tracked on http://thecid.com/ufo/uf18/uf7/187931.htm# radar, lands, leaves impression in snow.

At one o'clock in the morning Mr. Flickinger, a U.S. Border Patrol officer, had his patrol car buzzed by a bright round flying object in Lynden, Washington not far from the Canadian border. The UFO hovered, then acelerated away with the sound of rushing air.


Five witnesses, including a member of a federal agency, who was driving toward the base, saw a low-flying object, ten meters in diameter, which avoided http://thecid.com/ufo/uf18/uf7/187931.htm# collision at the last moment. He got out of the car and observed it hovering for one minute, then it flew off. at high speed. The object was tracked on radar. The same night, a round, glowing object with a dome on top landed on a nearby farm, melting snow in a ten meters diameter circle.

A flying disc was observed. It buzzed a witness. Men in black later interviewed witnesses.

One ball, about 40 feet across, was observed in cloudy weather by radar and male military witnesses, one of them an experienced observor, at an airfield for over one minute (Flickinger; Kerringer). A whooshing sound was heard.

Hynek reports witness testimony:
Mrs. J. . . . was attracted to the window by what appeared to be landing lights of an airplane. The light was extremely bright and seemed to be coming directly into the yard .... Fearing the lights were the landing lights of a crashing airplane headed directly toward the house, she herded the three girls in haste out of the house and into the yard away from the approaching lights, which by then had blended into one huge brilliant and intense white light. The four frightened witnesses stood in the yard . . . watching as the light moved in low in a straight line toward the house, suddenly lifted several hundred feet, clearing a clump of evergreens bordering the yard and dipped down on the far side of the tall trees and touched the ground. The intense light illuminated the surrounding area, including the side of the house and the yard. . . .
Object was also observed by a border patrol officer who had been alerted by radio. He was "buzzed" by apparently the same object, which was low enough so that the patrolman stopped his car, got out, and watched it move out of sight. The four witnesses and the independent officer gave the same description of the object as being about 30 feet in diameter, slightly domed, silent, and of a very intense white light.
The object remained grounded for several minutes, and then it ascended almost vertically in a burst of speed and disappeared toward the northeast. Where the object had grounded in the 16 or so inches of snow there was a large circular imprint about 10-12 feet in diameter, and the ground beneath the melted snow ring showed evidence of having been scorched. Oval-shaped tracks 8 inches long and 8 inches apart, in single file, were found leading from the landing site to a clump of evergreens, where they disappeared. A month later the circular area still showed signs of the "landing."