Case 188s. January 12th, 1965. U.S.A., Custer, WA. 20.20 Hrs.

Four witnesses, Mrs Jubert and her three teenage daughters, observed an extremely bright light coming towards their house. Thinking it was about to hit the house, they ran outside. The light descended below a tree line and could not be seen. The object was tracked by Blaine Air Force Base radar. The driver of a border patrol vehicle saw a slightly domed object, 30 foot in diameter, pass over his car. The object finally ascended vertically at high speed and disappeared to the northeast. Where the object had landed in the 14 to 18 inches of snow, there was a large circular imprint, 12 foot in diameter. In addition to the snow being melted, the ground showed evidence of scorching. Tracks were found leading from the site, oval and about 8 inches long and 8 inches apart in single file. The tracks led into a wooded area and ended. (Vallee and UFO-INFO).

Ted Phillips:

I have mixed feelings about this case. The presence of "tracks" could indicate the involvement of hoaxers, yet the account of the light sounds very intriguing. Did the UFO really appear on radar ? I find that difficult to believe. This is a difficult case to evaluate without a proper case summary to examine.